Wednesday, February 04, 2009

World Class Persian Cuisine

There are restos that serve Persian cuisine..and there are restos with Persian cusine....but have you had WORLD CLASS PERSIAN CUISINE? hahaha

Yes my friends...what a claim huh? World Class Persian Cuisine...can be found along E.Rodriguez Avenue, cornering Tomas Morato. So do their food love up to their name? Let's see...

The place is very casual...with the same feel as that of Mister Kebab and Berrouhz.

Hummus with Pita Bread

The dip was kinda dry and gritty and the oil seemed like that of COOKING (meaning: cooking oil) ;P It was edible still

Tuna Kebabs
I think this is the first time I have tried Tuna was ok...lean tasting yet enjoyable with the garlic sauce =) Oh and the serving size was quite generous.

Chicken Kebabs

Yummy yogurt marinated chicken breast...grilled to a tender. Enjoyable.

Grilled Tenderloin
The meat was nicely cooked...done yet still tender.

In general the food here is pretty good and the price very affordable...I apologize for not noting the prices of the dishes (I always seems to forget that) but I am sure that the prices here are at par of a bit less than the price range of Mister Kebab...and the serving portions a bit more =)

So can we say it's world class? ;P You be the judge but the price, quality and serving portions of the food here are very satisfactory.


mikky said...

i'm having fun looking at the series of your finds that i missed, but the moldy bread, ugh!!! ... back to this post, i've been seeing this but never get to try since hubby is not too keen with persian... to freska, the crab fried rice and crispy hito made me hungry... and your korean restos, wow... another destination to try... thanks for sharing... :)

Jen Tan said...

Hey mikky! Thanks so much for the very nice happy to share my foodie adventures/katakawan! hahaha ;P

Sayang your hubby is not fond of persian stuff...pilitin mo! I am sure he will find something that will appeal to him there...tell him HEALTHY naman as most are grilled and ma-veggies naman =)

Thanks so much again for reading me! Regards to your family =)