Saturday, March 08, 2008

Welcome Home Ros!

It's girl bonding time. Gwen, Lyn, Shawie and I took our dear Ros for a little night out at Serendra. We chose to have dinner at Chelsea's =) We dined al fresco..the weather that evening was nice...a fun and relaxing eveing to catch up and enjoy good food.

Foccacia with Roasted Garlic Spread

Gwen and I arrived a bit earlier than the rest. We asked for some water and free bread while we wait for the rest to arrive and order....guess when the water and bread came?....When all the girls were already there ;P hahaha haaaayy..that was a bit disappointing.

Squash Soup

We had it split into 2. Very good and creamy =)

Chicken an Bacon Caesar Salad
This is Gwen's fave and now mine too. It had crispy bacon strips, chicken shreds and slivers of almonds. Very nice =)

Osso Bucco Pasta
Ros wanted Osso we oredred this dish. I was quite surprised that the osso buco was shredded along with the sauce. It was ok...but a bit lacking in flavor.

Half Duck and halg Shrimps pizza
The crust was very nice and thin...but I dunno...I had a slice of the duck and the shrimp pizza..and honetly..I cannot detect any distinctive taste on both varieties. Perhaps the duck shreds were way...konti =(
We had a wonderful time catching up ....Chelsea's is very conducive for a nice chit chatty dinner =)


Anonymous said...

love love, Chelsea

Marvin said...

Osso buco is one of my favorite dishes. But I've never seen it shredded with pasta before. Still looks good though.

Jen Tan said...

hey sakai..yes Chelsea's is nice

Jen Tan said...

hey marvin...yeah that's what I found very odd...that it was shredded in the pasta! I was looking for the bone..with the marrow and meat atop of the pasta...and shredded it was ;P hahahha

oliboy said...

bread is to die for! :)

krass i miss you! march 26 i'm out of the cast na! :)

Jen Tan said...

I MISS UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU tooo kras....promise me we will be together when cast is gone na haaa...a need you boo....;P bwahahahahahahahah

pagaling kanaaaaaa

oliboy said...

youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! see you souljah girl! shorty, i'll take you there!

(punyeta ang jologs natin! di ko ma-take! hahaha!)

Jen Tan said...

hahahaah yes makes us jologs ;P bwahahahahahha