Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mary Grace Cafe at Trinoma

I like Mary Grace Cafe =) The place is home and the food is simple and delightful. I was hanging with my sister's at trinoma...and we decided to have dinner there. It's my first time at this branch....

Kesong Puti dip

This is sooo good! Kesong puti baked with Olive oil and served with toasted bread =)

Seafood Soup
Creamy..but not overwhelming. It has generous bits of seafood..nice =)

Smoked Salmon Pasta
My sister's love this a lot. Salmon with cream sauce on fettuccine pasta.

Vegetarian Panini
Foccaccia panini filled with muchrooms, onions and other grilled veggies. It was very nice an light...served with potato chips.

Well, if you ask me, I like the Serendra branch better...locationwise...but food and service in both are the same and good. A very nice place for familyand friends =)

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