Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Banana Nutella

My dearest Ros is in town for a week...and I am thrilled to see her! =) The best way I vent out some of this good energy is by baking =) I spotted this banana lying on the kitchen counter....overly ripe to be eaten...but just perfectto turn into BANANA BREAD! Yes! They shall be my BANANA-NUTELLA BREAD. Since it's only 1 piece...I decided to make a fourth of a batch...sorta just like small loaves ....as I envisioned them that morning.

The aging banana...

....that turned into these...TADA....BANANA-CHOCOCHIP-NUTELLA MINI LOAVES =)

One small loaf for my preggy sis and one loaf for my dear friend...
So that they all stay sexy! ;P hahaha But these babies are way healthy...I always cut the sugar a bit...since I pumped them up with choco-chips and nutella =)

Something so simple to make that is ohhh soo good! hahaha

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rona said...

Hi. Just wanna know the recipe for this. I recall it was once featured in Good Hojsekeeping magazine but unfortunately, i cannot find my copy now. Thanks.