Saturday, March 29, 2008

5 Cows

My friend and I went to Trinoma, to cool down a bit as it was excrutiatingly HOT that day. We decided to have late lunch at 5 Cows. They offered a variety of food on the pasta...rice dishes..appetizers and sandwiches plus a lengthy list of ice cream treats!

We opted for a light we had soup....this is the Cream of are not looking at half a serving...we ordered one soup each ...but it seems like just half a bowl to us! ehehhe

It was nice...served with 2 bruschetta...
This is the Tuna Sandwich with chips
It was generous with filling but our complain is...well...the bread slices were just waaaay too thick! haha I think if you slice one can make 2 slices! hahaha Good thing we just shared a sandwich.
Maybe we should have tried other entrees of some of the ice cream treats! hahaha

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