Saturday, March 29, 2008

So Woo is BOO!!!!! =(

My is my much awaited post on a Korean Resto found at the Habor Square beside CCP complex.

We were all looking forward to our Saturday dinner. I have more reasons than one, why so...first of all to see my dear Oli sans the cast on his leg! Hoooray you have two legs again Kras!!!! =) be with all of our other friends....Ven, Elaine...Chilyn...War-Din....Matt-Sher...Jacko and Peach....and try dining at this Korean Resto called...So Woo (little Cow)

Traffic was terrible that it was earth day and while we were traversing Roxas was around the time of the 1 hour light shut down time (aroung 8-9pm I think)

When we got there...Ven and Elaine got us a private room..nice noh? hehehe

Ah--ah...but once should notsay NICE too soon! We were served traditional small plates of Korean Kimchi....pickled raddish...omelets...

....they wer so so...all seems to taste the same....

We ordered two of this Pajeon like dish.....

..only it only had was like...well...leek omelet! hahahah Ven told me its we can;t complain about this

Now on to the food we paid for... hay Bibimbop is a very traditional Korean dish....very simple...yet this one was....nothing like any bibimbop we have ever had. The best way I can describe their rendition of this a staineless bowl (like the ones we see in Korean telenovelas...when the women are depressed andeat lots of rice in...heheh) dumo in steamed rice....then take all the free appetizer plates they served us...and top with a fried egg! hahahaa The taste? well..just like rice that is made spicy by the Kimchi and pumped up with vegetables....that tasted like...nothing! hahahaha Really...even with the red paste that is supposed to flavor this rice didn'y help much. Very sad Bibimbop!

Kimchi Soup

This dish tastes like Kimchi doused with water =) Oh it was served with steamed rice!

This was the Beef Bacon like dish

This was served with lettuce and a platter of more veggies with kimchi...and the wiatress told us to wrap the gulay with the gulay and the bacon! hahaha Hay...


You would expect that authetic Korean restos could make at least, decent Chapchae right? Well, not here very unfortunate for us. The glass noodles were soggy and the dish was also tasteless =(

It was a very sad dinner indeed. To nurse our dismapyed palates...we all decided to go down to Icebergs!!! Nothing can cheer us up better than ice cream right? hahaha

Nonetheless, we had a great time still...good thing the company was good ;P


Manggy said...

Sorry to hear about your experience, Jen.. I do think the food looks a little sad, especially that bacon. Eww.

Although after eating much of the free kimchi the last thing I would order is kimchi soup!

stephanie said...

so boo!! hahaha nice review! i think wala nang kakainin sa resto na to hahaha :)

oliboy said...

krass! you forgot to say na walang meat yung bibimbap! hahaha!

Jen Tan said...

hey Manngy! Yeah was a sad sad Korean night =(

Jen Tan said...

stephanie? aineepooh??? ish that you my sweetypie? =)

buti nalang d kayo sumamma ni nikki...baka ma sad pa kayo with us! hahaha

well...malay natin may mga tao na trip ang ganitong taste...which is no taste! BWHAAHAHAH shucks...I am sooo soowee so woo....


ganito nalang to other visitors of so at your own risk! hahaha

Jen Tan said...

kras! ah yes! pero may meat ba talaga ang bibimbop? so far kase all I have tried had meat in them...pero ayaw ko mag state matter of factly na bkt wla meat kase baka may version na meatless right kras?

nevertheless...meat or no meat...this bibimbop was BOO!!!!!!!!! =(