Saturday, March 15, 2008

Night Cap at CAV

There is this wine place at Bonifacio High street called CAV...and boy did I adore the place! It's wine tasting heaven! Yes! They have this very funky and modern wine dispenser (that I didn't take a phot of...well because it was kinda uncool to whip out my digi and take a snap shot of their way amusing wine dispenser! hahahaI didn't wana ruin my image as I have every intension of goin back ;P hahaha)....where you insert this credit card you are given....take a wine glass from the side shelves...pick from white...medium reds and full bodied wine the volume you would like to have (yes...youhave a choice of 3 volumes: 1- tasting, around 25 ml of wine 2-half glass, around 75ml and 3-full glass, around 150ml) prices of which are indicated respectively and you are charged in your card. Pretty neat huh? I love it! There are even shot literatures about each wine place or origin...flavor, finish and other wine characteristics...even suggested food pairing! The place is very posh... but relaxed and it's really nice.

Apart of the lovely wine selection....they offer cheeses....antipasti..salads..entress and desserts! They even have a set menu selection which I think is another must try!

We had this Antipasti platter...which comprised of Jamon Serrano, Chorizo slices, Parma ham and Cheddar cheese....served with freshly baked bread!


..with a small helping of fresh greens with Olive Oil and Vinegar...cherry tomatoes and black olives.

Wow...good bread....wonderful antipasti and good wine of your could one not have a terrific night cap!
A new fave that is CAV!!!! =) Love it!

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