Saturday, March 08, 2008

Batirol at Serendra

To cap our night...we decided to take Ros for some native treats at Batirol...where the specialty is the Tsokolate =)

This is the ginger spice tea of Gwen...she liked it a lot..warm yet refreshing =)

This is Lyn's Hot Choco -Banana

It's really supposed to be a cold beverage...but Lyn asked if they could make it hot. They gave in to her request...and she was very pleased as it turned out to be a thick..choco-banana-ey an Italian thick chocolate drink ;P hahahha

Ros, opted for the Tsokolate with Almond flavor

And our expecting mom, Shawie ordered the Mangga at Suman, which she graciously shared amonst us =)

The suman was delicious and the mangga was ripe thatcomplimented the suman very well. We liked the powdery muscovado sugar dip that went with it. Yummmy and truly Filipino =)

It was a very, very wonderful evening with girlfriends I love =)

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