Sunday, March 09, 2008

Paul Calvin's Deli

It's sunday brunch time at Serendra. For quite sometimenow, we have been seeing this sign...PAUL CALVIN's...BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER....on our way to serendra and we have always said...we will try it one time.

The time is now...we finally drove off to Rizal drive to check out the breakfast at Paul Calvin's. It's located at this new building along Rizal drive...near McDonald's. FYI the new branch of Barcino is situated at this building too!!! A new target! ;P hahahah

The place is very charming! I like =) Orange chairs...a deli counter...fresh breads and pastries on display...very nice!

Tapas and Cheeses

Breads and pastries....they sell healthbreads such as Malunggay loaves and low sugar cakes =)

Breakfast Meals come with free coffee but you pay an additional Php 40.00 for free refills.

Complimentary Cheese bread slices with Olive oil and Balsamic dip

bread was just ok =)

Sausage, Hash and Scrambled Eggs

Pancakes, Bacon and Eggs

Pancakes were nice...eggs were a tad bit dry and bacon was ok =)

We enjoyed our food...but more so looking around the quaint and cozy place. The owner, who we have met( and was so nice to take us around and chat with us)....who is none other than Chef Paul Em. Paul Calvin's Deli took it's name from him and the Calvin....from his late granpa.
Very nice place..will come back here soon =)


canDIshhh said...

Saan ito??

Jen Tan said...

Sa Fort may Rizal parang papunta sa may may Sakai Sushi....before those places may new bulding na that's where this place is...tas madamingnew restos nag Barcino will be there too =)