Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bo's Brunchies =)

I think Sal and I have finished the breakfast offerings of The Coffee Bean and Tea it's time to move on to another coffeeshop at Serendra for our brunch treats =)

Well, one of the major criteria for which we would settle in for our Sunday brunch is ...bottomless coffee ....and they do offer it here at Bo's

The brew was strong...but not as aromatic as that of at The Coffee Bean....the mug was cute though ;P

We had the breakfast sampler set....
...which comprised of 2big pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon strips. The pancakes were a biton the dry side. I coul tell the pancake batter had cornmeal in them...making them very satiating. The scrambled eggs were kinda tasteles and the bacon...we wished were fried to a crisp.

We also shared the mushroom-cheese omelette
As you can see...the egg was kinda dry...over-cooked a bit....which I didn't mind. Good thing it was filled with lots of melted cheese and mushrooms which made it more appealing and made up for the slightly over-cooked eggs =) Served with toasted whole wheat bread...that was toasted to a biscocho state =) hahahahha

Well, we enjoyed out breakfast filling up on coffee and ample conversation =)

We strolled around the entire fort area and went to Gourdo's to buy some cookware.

To cap the day...we visited our old fave Banaple at Katipunan Avenue to try out their new cake...

The Almond Roca Coffee Toffee Pie?
I may have to check on that name sounded something like that and it is made of a cookie crust with otap cookies, caramel sauce, an egg pie like custard and whipped cream....drizzled with chocolate sauce and decorated with almond slivers. A unique pie indeed...but I just thought it was not anything like what it was called. It was good though...maybe not just for me.

Well, this one is not really new...the Caramel Cheesecake

One of the classic signature Banaple cheesecakes. You can really count on the crust here..if you are a crust will love this. The cheesecake is dense but good =)


Manggy said...

Yikes, that doesn't look like you had a very nice meal... Though I kind of doubt they had cornmeal pancakes!

Yo, that bacon is PALE. Hell to the naw.

Jen Tan said...

Yeah Manggy...the bacon was sad and pale..

The pancakes really seemed it had cornmeal in 'em...doesn't matter tasted dry anyway ;P hahaha