Saturday, March 01, 2008

PIZZA Night at Oli's Place

Yes, my dear Kras is on crutches =( I miss him...all of our friends miss him. Since he can't go out to party....the party went to him! ahhahaha

All of our friends went to his house for Pizza'z and Videoke =) He ordered food from Yellow Cab ...

Fish and Chips

Buffalo Wings

NY Special

Four Cheese

Garlic and Shrimp
This is Ven's favorite..that is why we all ate this pizza! hahahahah =)

Now how can you go wrong with that! We all enjoyed the food and the videoke!!!

Thanks Krass and the wonderful Castro's for having us at your uber hip home! We love you and your REF!!! hahahaha GET WELL SOON KRASS!!!!!!!


Manggy said...

Aw, you guys are sweet :) That looks like a great get-together :)

I wouldn't order a four-cheese pizza, though... Unless I made it myself, parang laging harang haha :)

Jen Tan said...

hey was back Friday night.

Next time can we order four chesse pizza from you??? hahaha How much? this one I didn't get to try..I just had the garlic and shrimp..nakakabusog kase the crust was kinda thick =)

Sam said...

I know what I am having for dinner now! Getting my keys :)