Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I'm sorry to break on my food blogging...but I just have to share what just happend to me a while ago.

I was at Starbucks Century Imperial Suites, with my shobe..having a little coffee break and relaxing with our snack. Happily we went to our car...and there was this old rickety Strada double parked behind me. Naturally, I waved at the guard to call on the owner of the car to move the car so that we may go on our way. So we waited...and waited....no driver coming out. I asked the guard again to please call on the owner once again. The guard went back to me to tell the owner would not do so. I thought tomyself, maybe the owner did not understand the guard...so I went in to talk to the person.

The driver was seated inside BDO bank at the lower counter. I politely asked..."excused me but can you please move your car, you are double parked behind me and I have to leave" THIS OLD HAG LOOKED BACK AT ME....AND WITH HER EYEBAGGED EYES....TOLD ME "NO. IWILL NOT MOVE MY CAR. CAN'T YOU SEE I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF A TRANSACTION....I CANNOT LEAVE UNTIL I AM DONE..." I was dumb founded. I paused and stared at her in AWE!!!!! i COULD NOT BELIEVE THE REPLY THAT I JUST GOT. I was still staring at her....as I did not know how to react....it is my first tiome to encounter such a spineless individual. WILL NOT MOVE A DOUBLE PARKED CAR...IS SHE FOR REAL????? Then she talked back to the tellers..."I KNOW MY RIGHTS...THE GUARD ALLOWED ME TO DOUBLE PARK....I WILL NOTMOVE UNTIL MY TRANSACTION IS FINISHED..." Then blood rushed to my head.....and I replied with unknown anger......'YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO DOUBLE PARK AND NOT MOVE YOUR CAR??? WHAT IF I NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW???? FOR AN OLD LADY YOU DON'T SEEM LIKE YOU HAVE LEARNED MUCH FROM LIFE!!!" I stormed out and went back to my car with my sister waiting there.

I did not know what better thing I could have said and done. HOW CAN THERE BE PEOPLE LIKE THAT????? She was like in her 50's already.....a HAG TO ME!

I felt my window down so that I may still stare at her as she went back to the finally leave. I shouted at her...told her she was an ugly person! I feel awful doing that...I feel ashamed I did so...but it was unidentified anger that I didn't know how to react to. Honest. This hag yelled back at me "INTSIK KA KASE...DAPAT KANG I DEPORT SA BANSA NAMIN!! " I was more dumb founded at this rebuttal!!!! A racist remark...from a spineless.....no conscience....shall I call her being? Whatever life form she is....I don't know where this person was educated in..or if she got any education at all. Perhaps...she had none.

Justlike that, our happy afternoon turned into a horrid, stroke provoking scenario...like in a movie. I feel awful how I reacted. I feel bad to have lost my temper that way. I just canot comprehend WHY and HOW a preson can be like that. I know I also double park..and when I am called to move my car..it's like I rush immediately with all apologies to the car waiting on me...and move my car at once! Isn't that but the proper thing?

I am lost now....lost for words...and my emotions rattled. Please forgive my nasty words but I just cannot find nice words to describe the person I just encountered.


Manggy said...

Sorry that your afternoon was ruined, Jen... I'll wager this'll bother you for a while after this pa.

I see that she was indeed wrong, but maybe because you called her an old hag, she found it fitting to attack you with racism, which I find incredibly appalling. I frankly don't know how to deal with such people (er... you can read about a similar incident in my blog here), but I think to just keep calm and stand your ground will be good enough. Kakaiba sa bansa natin (although to be fair, it happens in other countries too, like the States), you just never know when one person will just whip out a gun or something, it's very scary.

spanx said...


pagdasal mo na lang siya, jentan!

oh captain my captain said...

honestly jen, i don't think you should feel sorry about how you reacted. some rude people, if they may even qualify as human beings, should be taught a good lesson on manners.

remember this, the only reason why evil prosper is when good men do nothing.

take care jen!

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy...yes it bothered me 'til evening...I just watched my fave Korean telenovela on dvd to feel better. situations like this can affect ones over all mood through the day. Yeah..that racism bit was un called for...but maybe you're right that she blurted that out because I called her 'panget' ;P soo immature of me? hahaha but looking at the positive side of this horrid scenario...hey she called me INTSIK and did not mistake me for korean ;p hahaha that's refreshing heheheh (not to mean that I don't like being mistaken as korean ah...I love koreans too =) ) I just wana laught at what happend.

I'll check out your post on that similar kwento..thanks for sympathizing...It's just really sad that there are people who can be unbelievably RUDE and just plain mean. ...makes me lose hope on people at times no...

yes...the world can be a scary place...*sigh

Jen Tan said...

hey sapnx..yup...kelangan nga sha ipagdasal..sana wag mangyari sa kanya yun ginawa nya saakin..at sana...lumiit eyebags nya ;P BWHAHAHAHA JOKE !!!!!!!!!

Jen Tan said...

hey Jake....thanks for the sympathy...well I feel bad because I didn't like that I succumbed to her level..that's all.

take care too Jake..hope we can see eachother minsan...mis na kta!!!! and si didi..miss her too!

Ruy said...

Inconveniencing others without remorse and refusing to do anything to rectify the situation is just UNCIVILIZED.

Getting what you want at the expense of an innocent person's right to live happily is never right even if you can get away with it.

arvi09 said...


you should've "key-ed" her paint job. ;)

tsk tsk... minsan tlga magugulat ka sa mga nagagawa ng mga tao sa paligid mo.

anyway, it wasn't a matter of right but of courtesy. besides, her "right" argument won't hold up in any court.

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy...I couldn't agree with you more.


Jen Tan said...

hey atty. arvi! hahahaha that's really funny..."key-ed her paint job" you that is EXACTLY what my atchi told me that I should have done when I told her about the incident...my reply was..."sayang susi ng kotse ko....yun ket mas madadamge pag ginawa ko yun sa car nya!" :p bwahahahaahaha

plus..that is just not my style..

ano kaya kaso pwede ko isamapa sa aleng ito? but then sabe nga si spankie..I'll just pray for her nalang.

I'm over it now...lesson learned...not all people are properly educated and taught manners...and like what ruy said..there ARE UNCIVILIZED people still existing at this day and age =)

canDIshhh said...

I would be mean but man I would retort in the most antipatika way.. Hahaha!

Jen Tan said...

hey Di!!! I was waiting for your comment nga...shucks di ba???? Kung nandun ka patay sha!!!!! hahahaha