Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am of Proud Mary ;P

I have been eyeing on Proud Mary since the first time I saw it. The place is situated adjacent to Jozu Japanese retaurant.

Promises are promises....and I kept it twice! =) I love the place for the fact that...IT SERVES BOTTOMLESS COFFEE!!!!!! YES!

In addition to that, they serve free Iced Tea with every meal ordered. Sooo nice.

Coffee for me....Iced tea for you...
The brew is quite good! That in itself is reason enough for me to go back.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

This is just half a serving...the chicken was very flavorful and the caesar dressing yummmy =) We likey!

Sharing the Club

Triple decked clubhouse sandwich...with ham...eggs..chicken..tomatoes with a serving of fries. The bread was fried like a frech toast to boot....very good..very satiating!
Cheese Sticks
Cheese wrapped in lumpia wrapper..fried to a golden crisp with sweet-chili dipping sauce. How could that be not good? I love that it was indeed very crisp and ooozing with melted cheese with every bite! =)
Fried Calamares
Yummmy rings of deep fried battered squid with a choice of mayo and sweet-chili sauce dip. Good too.
Upon glancing at the dessert display..I could tell in a sec that their cakes was supplied by banaple =)

Starwberry Cheesecake

Well, I do like the cakes of Ms. GJ at banaple...but I guess the stock at Proud Mary was kinda "aged"..if you know what I mean. Sad to say...the cheesecake was already goin dry...more yellowy than usual and the crust...kinda dry and had that "old" taste. Sayang.

Nevertheless...I did enjoy both times I was there...the food..the brew..I just hope they keep close watch over the cakes in the counter...change itif not sold after a few days or so...banaple cakes are very good at banaple...they sell it fresh there daily =)


Em Dy said...

I've only been here once and that ws in their first or second week. I was not very impressed with the food but the place looked great. It's good that they've improved the cheese sticks. Is the menu still on the laminated sheet?

Manggy said...

Haha, I was gonna say that Dr. Em had a different review of the place. I am GLAD they offer sweet chili sauce. The default mayo-ketchup mix always makes me a little suya.

Jen Tan said...

hey em! really? why? what did you have? well, for me far twice that I've been there the food I had was ok naman...maybe influenced by lots of coffee.. hahha...but the cheese sticks you've tried before was not crispy?

yes the menu still on the laminated sheet =) Calamares was good too..

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! you have tried it na ba? hmmm odd..ako lang ata ang happy here! hahahaa

well the mayo was plain mayo lang...sans the ketchup mix. oo nga noh funny...deep fried paired with more fat pa (mayo!) hahaha

Em Dy said...

Some of the cheesesticks barely had cheese while the others were oozing with it.

Jen Tan said...

hey Em! really? Ours was nothing like that al all...baka they improved since they opened...maybe growing pains? hahaha

Thanks for sharing! I feel lucky on both times I was was ok =)