Thursday, February 07, 2008

Abstinence Can Be Soooo Good =)

It was Ash Wednesday and I am very happy that I remembered before putting any food in my mouth that day. Fortunately for lunch, we decided to go toKikufuji! =) Japanese food is safe for dieting and abstinence. Japanese is good! ;P

Like what I have mentioned in my previous Kikufuji lunch post, they have set menus for lunch.

I had the Grilled Salmon

which came with Tuna and Uni read it uni...not bad at all ei? =) A little salad, miso soup.

He chose the Grilled Sama (pike fish)

We both enjoyed our healthy grilled fishies and at the same time felt good to have kept with abstinece from meat.

We capped our meal with...whatelse, complimentary iced coffee =) We like!

Delicious...nutritious and good for the religious! hahaha =)


Manggy said...

A poet! Ha ha. :)
That's very decadent for Ash Wednesday! I am thinking dinner was water and a cookie :p

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! hahahahaha over ba kame? water and cookie I saw your ask wednesday scampi pizza---where is penance there??? hahaha

Ruy said...

Love the title.=)

Manggy said...

Matagal na yung pizza na yun... I had I think fried fish for lunch, then a can of tuna for dinner... Tasteless

Jen Tan said...

ruy..thanks ;P

Jen Tan said...

ah really Manggy? I thought that was a new post...hmmm twilight zone...hahahaa

naks...ang bait...abstinence talaga...kung century tuna in water pa yun...mas impressive...the upside of'll probably develop great abs in no time if you go on with that! ;P hahahah

wysgal said...

It's funny because when I was still living in Manila we'd have extra yummy food during Fridays because we'd have to put effort into thinking what we'd have (i.e. lobster, prawns, crabs) ... kinda defeats the purpose of abstinence really.

Jen Tan said...

hey wysgal! hahaah true....trying to veer from meat can lead to having more luxurious food like what you have mentioned..prawns...crab...LOBSTERS...WOW...very indulgent! hahahaah maybe abstinence should have a more difinitive clause on what we can have! ;P