Thursday, February 07, 2008

GB5 Classic Confections

I have never dined at the new Greenbelt 5. Though, I have been very interested to do so, from all the nice things aI have read and heard about the nice restaurants it houses. After the engagement party...we decied to walk around Makati and found ourselves window shopping at GB4. With all the walking we did, we decided to just sit around and have coffee =)

Here we found Ms. Baba Ibazeta's Classic Confections =) Like GB5, I have also heard and read so many good things about the sweet treats she makes.

The shop held shelves of her Classic Confections, such as Choco Almond Rocas. Lemon Tarts and and array of cookies.....

There was one thing I didn't get with her price-scheme for the cookies....I saw on the counter..individually wrapped cookies, sold for Php 45.00 a piece...the size of an average Mrs. Field's cookie. Not bad. Then I mosey on to the shelves and saw the same variety of cookies...sold at Php 95.00 for half dozen packs...the diameter of which where just a mere millimeter less than the individual cookie! I wonder why it was so..but I would definitely just go for the half dozen packs =) hehehe

Anyhoos...we chose to have this...
Nono's Chocolate Oblivion Cake
This was lovely =) I love everything about this cake. The rich chocolate cake with a thin layer of chocolate mousse...just enough to give that extra deimension to the mouth-feel of the cake....and not over-whelming for a non mousse loving person like myself. I also adore the sweet-nutty crust that embraces the cake. Delicious! Delicious! A faveorite of mine =) We both agreed!

A must for me when having a sweet treat..caffe Americano
Very good strong brew..I just wished they gave me more! =) Served with a tiny sugar cookie with pretty pink sugar icing =)

We were pleases with our confection of choice.

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