Saturday, February 16, 2008

Great Uber thin Pizza!

Taste of LA is another long standing resto found in the Q.C. area...specifically along Roces street. Other than the uber thin pizza...there are more nice dished to enjoy at this cozy and familiar place =)

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I love spring rolls! I particular;y enjoy Viet style ones because I like the vermicelli noodles stuffed in them. These were nice...crisp and delicious! We like =)

Ofcourse...what we came here for...uber thin Pizza! This is the HOT prawn pizza that wasn't so hot at I liked it =)

Nice ultra thin pizza! We both enjoy super thins crust pizza for the reason that you taste more of the wonderful toppings. Makes for a lighter pizza treat =)

We were a bit hungry that time so we thought of having one more dish...a protein choice of Grilled Tuna

Cooked just right and very tasty! Served with a light green salad...if you will have this alone...a perfect diet dish ;P hahha


Anonymous said...


arvi09 said...

taste of la... mmm...

where do i start?

i love their spinach pizza, porkchops, lechon pugon, free pandesal, and of course, their cheesecake!

Jen Tan said...

sakai..yes pizza ;P

Jen Tan said...

hey arvi! we weren't given free pan de sal...I wonder why? but I do know they give free pan de sal which are really good =)

cheesecake never had dessert there ....must come back for that =)

Manggy said...

Oh, that pizza looks so light and delicious... I think the only way I can get my crusts that thin is to use lumpia wrapper, haha :)

Jen Tan said...

hey first time I tried kinda reminded me of lumpia wrapper! hahaha but...soooo good! Light is always rights ;P

arvi09 said...

tsk tsk... you're missing a lot.

their cheesecake is what you actually go there for. hehehe.... basta sarap siya.

Jen Tan said...

talaga arvi? well then...madali naman bumalik...will definitely try that soon! thanks for the tip! =)