Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines...Valentines ...Part I =)

Is Valentines really over rated? I think so. But for some strange reason there is a force deep inside that complels us (single people....well most of us...) to just go out there and ride the love-romace bandwagon...hehehe Well, having to spend this day that celebrates love and romance...which really is a fantastic thing to experience and have....can really be such an exciting thing, especially when spent with someone special =)

Please allow me to linger over the idea of love. There are lots of ways that I can discuss on what love is...but for today, I pertain to the love in the romantic light...not the filial kind...not the "I love my dog" kind...but the love between woman loves loves woman kinda thing. I love love. Who doesn't? Well...let me just speak for myself. I think it's just but magical...for two people to find eachother in this big/small world we live in....see eye to eye and feel with reciprocity....that indescribable mix of affection, concern, trust and yes....attracton. A force that draws two people togther....intertwining their lives....their universe. It can bring so much joy...and so much pain.

Fortunate for me....I was able to spend this a special way/ways ;P

First up at Katre...we passed up the Valentines menu and opted for simple appetizers..which I think are more fun to eat =)


Beautifully plated! I just wished it was nevertheless tasty =)

Pita Bread with a Trio of Hummus, Tatzziki and Salsa Dip

Delicious! Love bread and dips =)

Bruschetta Trio
Three delicious slices of french bread topped with an array of chicken, mushrooms and tuna. Good...good =)

Light and yummy way to spend Valentines day morning =)

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