Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Coffee Bean Brekkie 2

Sal and I are sooo into our brunches at Serendra these days. ..and we are loving the Coffee Bean for great bottomless coffee and breakfast fares.

Today we had the Sausage and Scrambled Eggs

The sausage was't that fantastic and the scramble needed some salt and pepper. Nevertheless still worth it for it came with know it...bottomeless Amerciano =)

The Salmon Scramble
Scrambles eggs with smoked salmon...this was good and tasty. I love can you go wrong with that.

There was this very amusing incident that Sunday morn that I would like to share. We were standing behind this nice man with an adorable kid at the counter. I am just always endeared by cutie I naturally played with the kid as we were waiting for our turn to place our order. Sal and I seated at out table waiting for our food, the kid comes back to play with me...and then back to his family..then back to me and Sal. On his 3rd return, we brought along the car keys of his dad which had an attached mini-mag light as it's key chain....and he showed it to me. I then rembered the night prior that I was looking for a little flashlight and kinda thought out loud to Sal that..I needed one and put a mental note to buy one later that day. Then the cute kid left..then went back to our table with the mini mag light sans the keys of the car and the dad said to his child..."o give the flash light to her..." They must have over heard what I sadi to Sal! I was sooo embarrassed and told the nice couple "oh no thank you..I was just saying that..." and I really ...REALLY DID NOT MEANT it for them to give it to me! They go..." oh please...take it..we have lot's of that...really" I am really embarassed and go..."Oh noooooooooo but thank you...but no..." But they insisted and that bit went there...I accepted and said thank you..but I was really embarassed but flattered by the sweet gesture of the couple. I told Sal...I wanted to buy the kid cake or a cookie as a token of gratitude..but before I could stand up...they were saying good bye to us. What a nice couple I though...but I was still embarassed.

A few days later, I had lunch with my friend...and when he took out his walltet...I saw a pic of a kid (which I saw before already..I knew it was his nephew) in it and I just asked hime to show it to me again as I like looking at kids pics. When I looked at the pic suddenly ocurred to me....hey this kid looks so familiar..then my eyes opened wide and I asked him..."is your nephew 1 1/2 yrs old named KC?" ....and he goes "yes...why? whow'd you know" Then I told him the mag light story and he did remember her sis inviting her that moring to join them for brekafast at Serendra.....he told me they did like having Sunday brekafasts there too! ahahahaha What an absolutely pleasant surprise! =) Now I can make something for the kid to say thanks...and that is on my next baking agenda!

It's a small world indeed!!!! =)

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