Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tuesday Trysts

I had a meeting at SM MOA last Tuesday morning. I was contemplating on having lunch there or goin back to the office, when my friend Gwen teexted me and asked me if I wanted to have lunch with her and her sister Lyn (who happens to be a friend of mine also) at Megamall. I had to do an ocular visit there as well so I gave it a go.

We chose to have lunch at Italianni’s. Lyn just had the complimentary bread because she had to go back to her office. So Gwen and I decided to share an order of Angel hair pomodoro. This happened to be my favorite pasta dish there =)

Angel Hair Pomodoro

For dessert…ah…we had our eyes set on them before we even went in! The put a gelateria at the forefront of the resto----ohhh lala. After polishing our pasta and bread we went out to check out the gelatos. After tasting several flavors, which were all soooooo good. Gwen chose the coffee crunch and I had the black forest =)

Coffee Crunch Gelato

Black Forest Gelato

Both was sooooooooooo good. The coffee crunch had a strong espresso like flavor. The blck forest was made of deep dark chocolate gelato with cherries and liqueur. It was superb!!!! I love cherries with the rich deep dark bitter sweet chocolate taste.

With happy palates we left Mega and headed to greenhills VMall to meet up with Oli. I had work to do there and Gwen was on the look for a digicam case and a Blackberry pearl. Perfect! We went about the things we had to do and went Jollihotdog hunting with Oli. We first went to the Jollibee at the foodcourt of theatremall, but alas---no Jollohotdog (taco style). We told Oli not to falter for there is still a Jollibee branch at the ground floor of the Carpark building. We hurried there….Oli grasped his breath as he went came forth towards the counter to ask for his Hotdoggidiy desire----YES! It was available!!! Happily we went to theatermall to hang out, have our caffeine fix and watch Oli devour his tacodog! So did he like it?---He said it was ok but BITIN =) hehehe

We went around Vmall and theatremall. Gwen was able to buy a nice digicam case. We then went to Unimart to do a little grocery shopping. Gwen was going to cook beef stew for her boyfriend the following day, so she had to buy some ingredients and I had to buy household stuff. We gingerly combed through each and every isle in the grocery. We reminisced the days when we all used to go grocery shopping with our families. Wasn’t that just great?! I mean it was like a shopping spree when we were kids. We would just take everything we wanted from the shelves (well, as long as mom and dad approves) and load them up in the push cart! The best part we all agreed was that our parents paid for everything, right? Hahaha Gone are these days, as well as the time of having extensions of our folks’ credit cards. I guess all of our parents wised up and realized we are all old enough to fend for our needs. Ah the pits of maturity and adulthood! Hahaha Now we limit what we buy to bare necessities.

I was to meet my friend Chacha (a highschool friend) for dinner at Alex III Wilson around 7pm so I asked Gwen and Oli if they wanted to come along. Gwen was in and asked Gretch (her beloved) to meet up with us there. Oli had a meeting that evening so he had to head home for dinner. We rounded up our stuff, loaded in our cars and parted ways with Oli.

My friend Cha was already there with a table waiting for us. I had the boneless chicken bbq, Gwen had the 2 pc chicken bbq and Cha had the pork bbq. Alex III, for me is one of the few restos that has for years kept the good quality of food and service. So I thought! We were quite disappointed with our food. My favorite java rice, for the first time---disappointed me. It was pale orange and tastesless! Mu chicken bbq, if not for the sauce was lifeless. Gwen’s chicken was cooked raw at the center and so she had to have it taken back and be cooked further. Only Cha’s pork bbq turned out fine. Gretch came in and ordered the chicken honey…which he was quite alright told us. It's sad that one of our OLD and RELIABLE favorites has changed like this. Maybe it was just a bad BBQ day??? I hope so....let's not give up on Alex! We shall come back another day! =)

Chicken Bbq with Java Rice

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