Saturday, November 04, 2006

Street Food Nostalgia

Growing up, we weren't allowed to have any street food. My mom, dad and nanay would constantly threaten us about getting hepatitis or diarrhea if we eat these food.

It was only during college that I was able to have these forbidden food. It is almost enevitable not to eat or at least try these food stuff because it was part of the campus culture. I remeber my first encounter with isaw--- I was then an applicant to the UP Pre-Medical Society, during my freshmen year. We would hang out at our tambayan in between and after classes as often as we can. There I learned to play several card games like bridge, gin rummy, pusoy dos, go-fish, rook, hearts, rape...we also played majong! One afternoon, some of the members called out "isaw tayo..isaw!" I looked at others for any violent reaction, but all i saw was faces perked up and thrilled with the idea.

Everone headed out...I didn't move an inch! They were waiting for me at the door.....I hesitated but followed then to the parking lot. We went to the isawan located right smack in the middle of the Asian Center and Bahay Kalinaw. They ordered 10 sticks...20 sticks or maybe more per person of mixed isaw baboy (pork intestine), isaw manok (chicken intestine), tenga (pig ears), balunbalunan (gizzard, I think they are chicke's), blood cubes....

I was mortified when they gave me my first isaw stick! I told myself "anything once Jen" I closed my eyes and ate....ewwwee.....uhmmmmm.......err.....YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) hahahaha It was great! It was like soft bbq...chewy...and excellent with the suka! A memory I will never forget.

Yesterday I accompanied Mike back to UP to get TCG (tru copy of grades) for a friend of his in the states. Unfortunately, the registrar's office was already closed. "now what?" We looked at eachother and smiled..."isaw tayo"--let's go! hahahah


lookin' for a low carb snack??---these are all fat and protein! Eat your Atkin's diet away!!!! SO THAT'S WHY WE WERE ALL SO SKINNY AND SEXY DURING COLLEGE DAYS :p hehehehe

as your friendly neighborhood FOOD TECHNOLOGIST, I say this is very safe to eat...any bacteria or germs has been eradicated by the flames of the coals....dipping it in HOAc (Acetic Acid a.k.a. SUKA/VINEGAR) gives an added anti-microbial bonus =)

To make the UP food trip experience complete...some crispy fried FISH BALLS!!!! I like it with the sweet sauce. In UP the vendors are regulated by the university vendors association. For hygienic purposes, the vendors were required to put the sauces in capped bottle containers. So no more "saw-saw-ing" (dipping) the tinusok-tusok na fishballs in the sauce garapon....hence no double dipping! The fishballs are now served on little paper plates for ease in eating as you POUR the sauce on the fishball stick--NICE =)

We also had dirty ice cream...but I wasn't able to upload the pic. Chocolate, maango and cheese flavors in one cone....Php 10--beat that!

We were so full from our street food degustation that when we went to Shang mall to have dinner with our friend Tey we told her that we would just accompany her through dinner. We decided to stay at outside of the mall, the part where bands play and you can order from all the surrounding restos. Tey ordered her dinner from the Red Crab, Mike had SMB and ordered an apps platter and I has a green mango slushhie. It was a fun evening of chatting, drinking and nibbling.

I wasn't able to join my friends Oli, Nikki and others at greenhills because we were all tired from the day. I also wante to go home early to get well rested for Saturday night. SAT NIGHT is the MM EB! =) YEY!!!


russkal said...
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russkal said...

Hi in-Jen-iosity!

followed your blog thru blair mitch's. anyway, as a fellow street food lover, i'd like to share a few things:

1. that cubed pig's blood you referred to is called "betamax" (taken from the shape and the era when it became famous)
2. nothing beats chicken isaw (definitely better than pork) eaten with inihaw na monay. make sure you ask manong to apply sauce to the bread when he grills it. yum!
3. i suggest you try "baga" when you bump into one. it's deep-fried chunks of lungs (not sure if beef or pork). amoy pa lang, pamatay na! tastes heavenly too : )

ginutom tuloy ako...

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

hello russ =) thanks for dropping by! thank you for the tips...I really have so much more street treats to try! inihaw na monay?? I've seen and tried HOT MONAY W? CHEESE available in UP (really good...lalo na if you're super gutom!)but they don't sell them anywhere near the isawan. how about isaw with rice??? hahahaha may i ask where you have your isaw, betamax, baga and grilled monay??

russkal said...

there are some vendors (or "isawans" as you put it :p )who sell monay along with isaw, betamax, and the like. usually, these are the ones who also peddle grilled corn on the cobs. what they do is slice the monay in half and grill it while applying a thick, red bbq sauce until its a bit crunchy. i've tried isaw with rice also but trust me, eating it with monay is better!

i use to have this suki along the street corner of 5th and rizal avenue in caloocan (he's name is roland if i'm not mistaken) who sells the best isaw i've tasted but that was about 5 years ago! i wouldn't be surprised if he's not there anymore. there's also one in mendiola circle in front of san beda but that was also ages ago. hahaha! that's why i thought you hit it right on the spot when you named your post "street food nostalgia". these foods really do bring back good memories...

right now, i just buy whenever there's available. kung saan meron at kung saan abutan ;p it's part of the street food adventure anyway.

i'll let you know when i chance upon a really good isawan. maybe i can take a photo of all the food i suggested and email them to you along with some toknenengs and the like...

good luck on your street food hunt!

oliboy said...

i want streetfood!!! let's go to UP jen! foodtrip tayo sa rodicks, greenhouse, casaa, lahat! :)

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

Hello Russ! Thanks for the streetfood tips! actually any food brings back memories talaga. We celebrate with food...we seek comfort in food...we show affection through food.

Hello Oli! Forgive me na!!!!! =( Yes let's food trip sa UP! The best! Yeah--I want rodics' pre-masticated tapa! hahaha sizzling stuff na lahat may GRAVY at Greenhouse---well wala na greenhouse but I loved the sandwich stall there (yun may roastbeef and chips) and the defunked Chicanos (awesome burritos)

Sched na natin.....

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

i like taho, dirty ice cream & corn on the cob! once in a while, i like isaw and bbq on the streets!