Sunday, November 12, 2006

Shopping...Hanging..Trip Back toJuanita and Night Cap at the E.R.?!

I haven’t hanged out with my good friend Elaine for quiet sometime, so I was really glad when she told me she was free Saturday afternoon. Great! She picked me up from the office and we went to Shang mall. We had lunch at CYMA (my fave Greek resto) and we both had their delicious Gyros. We walked around the mall chatting and looking for things we need. We even bumbped into Gwen at Zara as wel were shopping along. After that I asked Elaine if we could go to Greenhills because I wanted to get a new phone for my SUN =) hehehe. She gladly obliged as she needed to get KApeng BAarako to send to her sister in Singapore. When we got there, we bought barako from Figaro and headed to Theatremall to buy my phone. I got a new Motorolla SLVR—black! I wanted it to match my V3 ---I was thinking they should be like brother and sister =) hehehee. I like the other phone I bought at MOA, but I really wanted the SLVR to begin with. MENTAL NOTE: DO NOT SETTLE. WHEN YOUR HEART IS REALLY SET ON SOMETHING—GO FOR IT! Hahaha OTHERWISE YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO SLEEP BECAUSE YOU’LL CONSTANTLY CONVINCE YOURSELF THAT YOU’RE OK WITH WHAT YOU GOT, THEN ONE MORNING YOU’LL REALIZE YOU REALLY WANT THE FIRST THING YOU SET YOUR HEART OUT TO GET! THEN YOU GO GET THAT THING AND TRY TO GET RID OF THE SECOND RATE THING YOU GOT! HAHAHAHA Am I crazy? Maybe.Nonetheless, I pick up a good lesson from this experience. Fair enough?

Ironically, Elaine was to go to wake that evening, so we had to part ways before 7pm. I had dinner plans with Kat and Sal, but it was set a bit late in the evening. So I asked Elaine to drop me off at Oli’s house to hang out. Good thing Oli was just lazing at home because we were to meet up later that evening after my dinner engagement. When I got there, Bny was also home. We played a bit with their cute dog Buger! Hello Burger ---you’re so adorable, but I am afraid of you! Hahaha Bny was tinkering with his fabulous lap top, so we asked him to play Grey’s anatomy (series 3). I love Grey’s Anatomy! I finished Season 1 and 2 already. Around 8pm or so Sal was arrived to pick me up..Thank you Oli and Bny for the hang time! It was cool =)
My dear friend Kat got back from her long vacation in the United Kingdom---horraaaaaaaayy!!! =) Sal and I missed her dearly, and so we planned a dinner get together Saturday evening. I asked Kat what food she missed---and she said anything just nothing Chinese, English or Italian. I instantly thought of bringing her to Café Juanita. So I made the reservations. When they fetched me from Oli’s house, we went to Café Juanita to hear Kat’s English adventure and enjoy the great Juanita food

Yours truly, Sal and Kat (Love these girls!)

For Starters...we had Buddha Pillows. Tofu with Oyster-sauce like sauce. Among all of our orders, we liked this least. I think the Tofu was not fresh as it had a sour taste to it and I kinda detected a slight rancid taste.

The Pasta Filipina- angel hair pasta with crab fat sauce, served with garlic french bread. EXCELLENT! We loved it to the last smear of sauce!

Callos- this is the best Callos I've ever had. Maybe I haven't really tried that many variations of Callos. All of the ones I've tried before are redolent of pork and beans! hahaha This was really good...but there quite too few tripe pieces =) Or maybe we were just matakaw! hahaha

Lengua- Ohhhhhhhh lalala (Oli, you'll love this dish!) It's just so tender and the sauce is ooohh sooo good. Sarap with lotsa rice! We initially ordered one rice lang 'coz we had pasta na (counting carbs ba? hehehe) Then ordered another...and another! Too sum it all up eh di one rice each na din kame! hahahhahaha

To end our meal...we had the Toffee Pudding

It was soooo good! The pudding tasted that of rich custatd and slight hint of toffee. Served warm and ala mode! I love contrasting temperatures and textures in my desserts!

and parang kulang pa yun so we ordered the Turon ala mode. Yummy mini-turons covered with caramelized sugar. Yum yum Yum

After that wonderful dinner of good food and great story telling, Kat and Sal were to go home early. They dropped me off at UCC in connecticut and I met up with Oli and Eliz.

We hanged there for a while and moved to Grilla for some drinks. Well they had for me just warm water. My voice was still hoarse! It got really worse taht evening and so Oli dragged me to Cardinal Santos E.R. .

Eliz and I went ahead with Jamin and met Oli at the ER.

They checked my throat and advised me to have it check by an EENT. ---Guess how much i was billed...Php 800 bucks---telling me to seek an EENT. Hold up nga ba? hahaha

Thank you dear Eliz and my darling pipi Oli =)


canDIshhh said...

Nice pics Jen! :) Congrats on the new phone! Miss na kitaaaaa!!

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

Thanks didi! I mis you na din!!! Nice talaga ang pics kase totoong digi cam ang kuha nyan! hahaha Not mine sad to say! Oi ang cupcakes mo? I saw the pic na...sayang lang with the frosting that melted but still looks good! hahaha see you soooooon!!!!

Askinstoo said...

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Askinstoo said...
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Askinstoo said...
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ChichaJo said...

I really must try something other than the buffet in Cafe Juanita! I'll watch out for the tofu though...I like Cyma too! I think there are way too few Greek restaurants in this city...

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

hey joey! nice for you to drop by =) yes, yes d try eating ala carte at cafe'll be able to enjoy each dish you pick so much more!

christine said...

I loved the food we had at Cafe Juanita! The sinigang, the adobo topped with adobo flakes, and the minced shrimp wrapped around a sugarcane and the callos. Those are what I remember from our dinner there last August. This is why it's always nice to dine in groups because you get to taste more of the dishes. :)

The sinigang was also good, considering I'm not much or a sinigang person. We had the toffee pudding too, which I thought was excellent! Now I have to try the Pasta Filipina. :)

in-JeN-iosiTy said...
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in-JeN-iosiTy said...

Hello christine! I am not a sinigang fan as well! hehehe It's ok as soup on the side, but I don't take it as ulam!hehehe OOoooohh, the minced shrip wrapped in sugar cane sounds interesting. Maybe its like the one's they sell at DEC? I love that!-- Have you tried?

Adobo , topped with adobo flakes---double delight! hahaha Yeah it's really so much better to dine in big groups...more food to pick and try.

Thank you for dropping by =)

christine said...

Hi Jen, no I haven't tried the one at Dec. There's a DEC near my sister's house in Mandaluyong so I'll try it soon. I loved the one of Cafe Juanita! Thanks for the tip. :)

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

No prob Christine =)