Monday, November 27, 2006

Good Shopping Day

It’s back to Greenhills for me and Sal last Sunday. We missed scrimmaging at the tiangge plus I was craving for buco shake from fruitas. Sal picked me up around 10 am, so when we got there we just decided to have brunch. I was definitely set on having my buco shake and I asked Sal if it was ok that we had Reyes bbq and my beloved fruitas. My Sally dearest gladly obliged…but we were distracted by the tiange stall and shops we pass through on our way to the theatremall food court. Nevertheless we manage to get to our lunch venue around lunchtime. To my disappointment---NO BUCO SHAKE TODAY!!!! =( RATS!!!! Sadness!!!! They told us the buco supply for the day was not meaty, hence not suitable for shake making. They use pala only the meat and add ice, milk and syrup (that’s why is sooo buco-licious!) We went to the Fruit Store to get out morning fruit shakes, I had the papaya-pineapple shake---my fruit combo to combat my dysfunctional digestive tract! Heheheh Sal had watermelon. We shared and order of 2 pc pork BBQ and an additional chicken wrap for Sal. We enjoyed our simple meal and went down to business. Oh yes! We combed through every nick and cranny of the shopping area. We covered the entire tiange floor area, vmall and theatremall. We didn’t go to shoppsville because ---just because! Heheheehe We got a bit tired and low on energy so we went back to fruitas to try our luck on the shake. No dice! We opted for the buco halo halo instead. We went to promenade to check out some books and Sal wanted to buy goodies at Hizon’s for her family. We were stopped at out tracks by a waft of deliciously frying food----ah…Belgian fires!!!!! Shall we taste??? Yes indeed! We shared an order of the mushroomy Belgian fries. For Php 75, I thought they were too “konti”, but its ok I guess---saving us from eating too much of its fatty goodness. Iam not much of a fries person, but I found it to be really good. We hopped to the Hizon’s stall and Sal bought a couple of ensaymadas and caramel cake. We then went up to fully booked to browse through the books. I love browsing through bookstores. You can learn a lot even with out actually buying the books you know! Hahahaha We decided to go back to the shopping area but then we were again stopped to by our feet with the sight of Cello’s doughnut. Sal is a real doughnut fan---a real fried food lover. So this time I indulge her request and went there to take out some loops. I can tell you that the smell of frying doughnut can make anyone week in the knees, doughnut fan or no doughnut fan…fried food is fried food and food at its fatty glory! Hahahaha We couldn’t help ourselves to hel ourselves to a doughnut. This was the plan---we share JUST one ok? ….chomp! chomp!---bitin ata---isa pa ?---yes---chomp chomp….and before we realized it, we have devoured 3---1 ½ loop each!!!! Christ!---TO THE HIPS THEY SHALL ALL GO! hahahahahOh well, what’s done is done. We loved it anyway =). It was already turning dark and the night market opened up. We moved there to check out the goods. Well, after already buying 2 dresses, a blouse, a tube top and shorts…I didn’t find anything there that interested me. What to do now? First we shopped around at Tin Hok to buy me some aloe vera juice. I am suffering from acid reflux and currently under medication. I read in a self help book I came across with at Fully Booked, that Alove Vera juice aids people with acid reflux by lining the esophagus, thus easing the burn as the acid rises through it. Burn management in other words! I’ll take any help that I can, so I bought a Korean branded Aloe Vera juice. Hope it helps =)

We finally got exhausted from the entire day and Sal wanted to take out dinner for her family. We went to Shin Ton Yon, located beside Tin Hok. It’s a canteen type resto serving up Chinese fare. Sal got mixed roastings and other “ulam”. For our dinner we just shared an order or “kiampung” which is like Chinese fried rice with meat and nuts. A side order or bituka asado to boot! We are Chinese---we love our food ;P

We passed to War’s house to pick up my stuff (the jacket I bought at Serendra) and headed home.

Great shopping and food day! Thanks Sal!

Pics to follow!

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