Monday, November 13, 2006


This post is delayed because I've been very impatient uploading my lousy pics ;P hehehe. Nevertheless let me share with you my Sunday malling at Power Plant with Sal. Sal picked me up from my house and we got to the mall around 1030 or 11am andwe decided to have brunch at World Banger's Haute Dog. My sisters have been raving about this hot diggy place for a few weeksnow, and I amglad tofinally get the chance to give it a go.

I ordered the Cacciatore Dog and Sal hadthis....

Four Cheese Haute Dog with a side Caesar Salad, fries and drink (all for Php 130)

The hotdog is HUGE and you get your money's worth. My Cacciatore had a tomato based sauce and it was really good. I found their hot dog more sausage like in taste, but nevertheless--it was a very good and satisfying meal =) . (Oli, you will defintely love this!!!--super sure ako jan! hehehehe)

We went around the mall, onthe look for watches and window shopped. My friend Marke texted me and asked my where abouts. He was shopping for a gift and was on hisway to Poerplant. We met up with him and helped him find a wonderful gift, afterwich we hanged at Starbucks for some coffee and chit chat.

After parting ways with Mark, Saland and went on malling, butunfortunately we weren't ablt to buy anything(badshopping day I guess).

Before leaving we had dinner at Pho 24. I remember seeing this resto everwhere while I was vacationing at Vietnam. I never had the chanceto try it though, for the reason Pho 2000 was themore popular resto in Saigon. Thhe serving there was Hguge, delicious and cheap! (what more can you ask for? ambiance? no need for such thing when you're a back packer in a foreign land!)

We ordered the fresh Vietnamese spring rolls (I cound't upload the pic), which ad mincedchicken with somre greens wrapped in rice paper and spiced vinagar dipping sauce. I was quite disappointed with it to be honest. It wasn't half as good as the spring rolls I've had in Vietnam. The wrapperwas too thick and it lacked flavor. Sorry.

We shared this meal of fried rice, lemon grass chicken with 2 pcs of fried spring rolls Php165. Much more disappointing than the spring rolls. The rice wasok...chicken pieces were too few and lacked umph....the fried spring rollswas ok (maybe it was fried that's why it was better than the fresh counter-part ;P hehehe)

I would recommend eating at PhoHoa instead sorry to say..but then again maybe we just picked the wrong food. Nonetheless, I love Vietnamese food, everyplace I got to eat at the during my stay, was definetly memorable. I travelled there from Saigon, Nha Trang, Hoi Hanoi. It was a great cultural and gustatory adventure -)

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