Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tuesday Tryst Part 2

My weekday gimmick fell again on aTuesday. My friend Jenni invited me for drinks that evening. I gladly obliged since I haven't seen her for sometime now. She picked me up from my manicure and pedi session and we headed to East of St. Louis at Mother Ignacia. Old school bar, with old school music! But hey, it was still nice hanging there with the company of my good friend. We had a couple of drinks...well one for me and a lot for her! hehehe I know, I know..I really shouldn't be having any alcohol, but it was just so into the moment to have one. I put so much ice of my vodka currant that it turned pale pink! hahhaha we moved on to Guilly's, located where the defunct Aresi bar and resto used to be. We met up with her friend's Dennis and Joy. They were cool people and we had fun talking about life and relationships! ahhh..they are the best accompaniment to drinks I should say. I didn't know that guilly'sturns into a BAR after dinner. When we were there, it was dimly lit with loud music and disco lights to boot! They told me they even charge entrance fee on weekends!!!! Who would have thought?! hahah

It was nice hanging with you again Jenni..nice to meet you Dennis and Joy! =)

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