Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jagshemash, I like you! Do you like me?

Hello! My name is Borat Sagdiyev (mwah! mwah!) I am Kazakhstani television top media personality
The movie night Oli has been waiting for finally arrived. Yes, it was time to see BORAT! hahaha Oli, Bny, War, Nikki, MAtt and I went to Eastwood City to have dinner at Heaven and Eggs and see the movie afterwards. I really didn't know what to expect from this film. I've only seen the pic of Sacha Baron Cohen in a MANKINI on Oli's ym --- kadiri! but hilarious! ;P
It was a real crazy film from start to finish! The movie was about the adventures of Borat in the United States. The contrasting Kazakhstani culture with the modern American lifestyle was the cracking edge of this movie's humor. Well, what can I say---everyone was rolling with laughter all through out the movie! The patrons of the filmwere mostly teeneagers and everyone was talking like Borat and repeating his funny lines. So I guess everyone found this movie to be a real snoozer-----NOT! hahaha It was truly enjoyable and the kind of movie that you won't have to do any thinking and just forget all your troubles. High five? ! hahahaha
With jaws aching from all the laughing, we all went to Jack's Loft for a little night cap and then headed home.
Oli and Bny are leaving for China the following day(today na pala yun)....Bon Voyage to you both!!!! =) Be good!


canDIshhh said...

Jen! I was Eastwood at that time din! I saw Bny at the ticket booth! We watched Casino Royale.. :)


in-JeN-iosiTy said...

Oooo nga bny told me!!! Sayang we didn't see eachother! heheeh So how did you find 007?? Finally ah! Did Edi like it din?

oliboy said...


in-JeN-iosiTy said...

Nice Krass! Borat for be vice? hahahaa PWEDE!