Sunday, November 19, 2006


Our plan for Saturday was set on Bazaar’s. YES!

We first hit the Karl Edward’s bazaar at the NBC tent at the fort. Nikki, Oil and I started mid-afternoon. It was the same old tiangge stuff that you can find at greenhills placed in a air-conditioned venue. We combed through the area, isle by isle. Clothes, shoes, bags, food and even home appliance were sold. I was able to by shoes from SnS and a nice white bag-gellie =) hehehe. I’v been meaning to buy a new white bag for sometime now. I was a bit torn whether to get a branded or a “generic” one, but hey I found a nice piece at a very good price! Sorry I have no pic of the bag. I’m kinda lazy up-loading pics these days. Anyways, Nikki was able to score some shirts and blouses.

I think there were’nt so many good buys to find at that bazzar. Well, maybe for me because I’m a regular at tiangge’s and mall. We all got hungry after going through the place twice…yes, twice! Just tomake sure we didn’t miss anything heheheh. We decided to move on to our next stop, the Lifestyle bazaar at the Power Plant mall. We told Eliz that we would just meet her there. I recommended that we have dinner at World Banger’s Haute dog so that Oli may try it and get his hot dog fix! Hehehe Nikki and I had the Cacciatore meal and Oli got the Four Cheese. They loved it! Hehehe Eliz finally arrived and we hit the bazaar area. The lifestyle bazaar was more upscale than the Karl Edward’s. Designer’s like Happy David of Get Happy, Debbie Co ( a friend of mine) and so on, participated on the event which was covered by the Lifestyle channel. Some celebrities like Angel Jacob was present and models abound. There was lots of stuff by international designers as well. A lot of good stuff but at a more costly rate---so we went out of there empty handed ;P hahahaha

We headed on to Serendra at Fort. Goin’ aroundin circles ei?! Hehehehe Yupit was al in the plan. Actually we were supposed to have dinner at Serendra, but ofcourse we had to set our priorities straight---bazaars come first! Hehehehe Matt met up with us there. We chose to have dinner at DUO---well dinner for Matt and Eliz. The food looked really good and the price was ok. ( I’ll put the pic of Matt’s food this weekend) Matt had steak with fois gras and Eliz had the Caesar salad. They enjoyed their food so we really need to some back here to dine! What I was able to try was the complimentary bread that they served. They were nice pop-overs served warm with butter on the side. I liked them a lot. If I wasn;t full from our Haute meal, I would have devoured them hehehe. Chinang and Arlene joined us there as well. After dinner, we went around Serendra, and checked out the other restos there. There were lots of new places to try…on my list:
1. DUO
2. PORTTICO (for a come back)
3. Chai
4. Mary Grace Café

Then we moved on to the fort Stip and went to Piedra. Warren, Che and Kent joined us there short after and they had drinks as we all bobbed out heads (like resisting to give it all out and dance! Hehhe) and enjoyed the music!

Nope, we didn’t head home still, we got tired from standing and body bumping at Piedra so we moved to a more relaxed venue..Tiannamen Can you believe it was my first time here?? Yes! It’s a bar with a little dance floor there…some tables where you sit on the floor here and get this---you can have your dimsum and booze!!!! Hahahaha What a night cap ah!

It was a great evening!

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