Monday, November 20, 2006

Fort Faux Pas!

After spending a beatutiful evening with my friends at the Fort Saturday night, I decided to share with Sal the nice places I've seen. She picked me up a bit later than usual and we headed on to the Fort. We both were'nt able to have breakfast and so we were famished by lunch time. We went around Serendra to check out the restos there. I don't know, but it kinda had a different feel in the morning. Could it be that the sun was shinning so bright and hot over there and I was missing the lovely lights that illuminated the area the evening prior? Perhaps. So we both decided to go back there later in the afternoon and have lunch at MArket MArket.

We both have not been there for quite sometime now, sowe were quite perked up by the vast array of food options open to us. Should we go IN the mall? Eat at the MArklet area fastfood? Or try the restos outside? Decisions...decisions...then a huge sign glared upon us.....EAT ALL YOU CAN BUFFET Php 218++ WITH FREE TEMPURA AND ICE CREAM over Kamay Kainan restaurant. We looked at eachother...smiled...and galloped on to check out the spread. As I've mentioned earlier, we WERE famished! Seeing the buffet spread of an array of Filipino fare like inihaw na hito, sinigans, pesang dalag, adobo, caldereta, inihaw na liempo, pritong tialapia, manok, lumpia and so on and on......before we could evern ask eachother if we wer good with it...we held plates already! Oh my, after having our first run on the buffet, I had the hito and garlic rice, liempo, which were all ok...but as we went on...we realized the mistake we have made. The food was not good at all. The fried stuff were all oily, the complimentary tempura were like battered shrimp meant for sauteing (hipong pang-gisa ba! ;P hehehehe). The desserts....were they desserts? They offered banana cue slices (mas masrap pa yun sa kanto na tinitinda 'coz their's was matigas);buko pandan (which was like left over fruit salad dumped with green gulamans and some buko shreds); a bread like I dunno what was that but it tasetedlikecard board; red gulaman cubes?! ( whatthe..?!!). The only salvation was the fresh bananas and they had dirty ice cream....yehey I THOUGHT!!!! I told Sal this will be the saving grace of this disgrace! hahahah OH MY!!!!!IT WAS DISGUSTING@! Nothing ICE CREAM ABOUT IT AT ALL. It was strawberry...gunk! SERIOUSLY. It was the first ice cream that I ever winced at! I'm so sorry for sounding sooooooo bratty about it...but you have to see it to believe it but BETTER DON'T! hahahaha Sorry Kamay Kainan, maybe the ala carte is better?

We went around malling and buying some stuff. We had late meryenda of Fruitas buko halohalo. I really lovd Fruitas buko...IN GREENHILLS. Sorry, but somehow the fruitas buko at the Market MArket didn't have the same quality as that of its Theatremall counterpart.

Sadness!!!! Foodie mishaps left and right! Our last recourse ---Serendra. We picked MAry Grace to takeout some ensaymadas for Sal's family. The place sa sooo pretty. It was like a lovely little country cottage, having the aroma of coffee (I MISS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH =( ....) and had a warm homey feel to it. We sat there to share an ensaymada as we rested and chatted along.

What a day! =)


canDIshhh said...

I've always been tempted to try out Kamay Kainan's buffet, but somehow as I near the doors of KK - I stop and turn back around. Maybe it's my gut feeling telling me that the food is not as good as I hoped it will be.

And with your post - I my gut instincts were right after all!

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

Good for you gril!!! ;P I've learned my lesson na....wag basta sugod ng sugod sa buffet na mura! hahahahah Better pay more for good food! Quantity doesn't entail quality!

Askinstoo said...
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