Friday, March 06, 2009

Vegging Out at Greens

Sometimes you get that unhealthy feeling when eating out too often. I suggest we do our "cleansing" at GREENS. I have told him about this place, but he was quite reluctant to eat FULL VEGAN meals...but he was adventurous enough to give it a go...I was soo excited to show him how good vegan can be =)

Look at that...all you porkaholics out there...there is hope to enjoy chicharon sans the cholesterol! They look like the real thing no? They taste quite as good...ofcourse nothing beats the FLAVOR OF PORK FAT...these are also fried but less deadly since it's made of wheat gluten. You just get the vegetable no cholesterol here. The crunch and saltiness can kill cravings for it's porky counterpart. We dip it in spicy vinegar...I was soo glad he was pleased =)

Fish Relleno
I loved this the first time I tried it. Fish meat with raisins and vegan stuff wrapped in NORI (how funky?!) breaded and deep fried. I love the nori gives this dish a somewhat Japanese dimension. I can't really say it's really healthy ang light being fried....maybe just safer to eat veering from pork and beef fat =)

They do look and taste like real sisig!!!! This is my first time to try this dish here. I have had Tofu sisig at sentro...but I think this is better. It's made of tofu too...but they put that something something which makes it taste like pork sisig with mayo or egg! Very good!

we had it with BROWN RICEbecause sisig and that fish relleno is great with rice...and this, I am sure is healthier that white rice. I love the nutty and earthy tone of brown rice and the feeling I am getting more fibre with every bite feels nice =)
Putanesca Pasta
Yummy and served with whole wheat bread =)

Eggplant Melanzzane
Ohhhh...we love this too! Like a low carb lasagna!!! Grilled eggplants with marinara sauce, bechamel and cheese!!! Served with whole wheat bread too. It's sooo good...only we wished the serving was bigger.

So nice here...makes you feel you were good to your body ;P


Manggy said...

Hey Jen! I think there's a local company that produces vege chicharon that sells at groceries :) I think melanzane is Italian for eggplant, so that title is a tad redundant!

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy..really? vege chicharon in the groceries already? would you know what brand? Oh melanzane is eggplant pala..thanks for the info..=) I'll just edit and add = to that tittle then hahaha melanzane=eggplant