Thursday, March 19, 2009


Looking for a place to eat along Aguirre St. once more, we stumbled upon Tarragon restaurant. The place is simple and homey, but felt kinda sad with just one other customer other than us.

It was a friday and during lenten season, I don't eat meat friday's =D I picked the TUNA MELT Sandwich....

Canned tuna mixed with chopped lettuce, mayo and cheese with a sprinkling of sesame seeds in a bread roll. The bread roll was the size of a Pan de Manila pan de sal (perhaps just a bit bigger), good bread... and generously filled with the tuna-cheese mix.

He ordered Blackened Chicken with Garlic Rice
He said it was ok, but the serving size was kinda bitin for a man's appetite ;P
Food here was generally ok, but what made us not appreciate our dining experience here was, despite the fact that we were the only customer's dining there (the other customer just had drinks) our food came AGES AND AGES after we ordered them. After patiently waiting for our food...they were served kinda room temperature! We thought perhaps the wait will be compensated by great food served PIPING HOT....but alas...cold =(

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