Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Old and Reliable Choice

Foodtripping has its ups and downs. Oh yeah, you can't will all the time right? Well, when we get streaks for new-resto mis-haps....we go back to our old and reliable of which is SAN SUNG! How many posts have I placed on this already? =)

San Sung is located along A-Venue..I was tempted to steer us to restos there which we haven't tried...but this visit, I behave and didn't push for something new. GOOD FOR US!


We always look forward to the numerous small plates Korean restos dish out before serving meals. We even take note to limit out order because we know these babies will take up space in our stomachs! hahaha There is always something different in every visit, which is nice--variety is nice! See that plate with black seaweeds? I love that! I had two plates of that. Whatever that's sooooooo good =) His fave is the potato salad and kimchi. I also like the omelet type apps and the not so spicy pickled veggies.

Dolsot Bibimbop

This is one of the best, if not the best we have had. I think it really varies in taste, depending on the pickles they have in hand. It's like all those appetizer plates dumped in hot korean rice, with kimchi and egg.

Mixed them all up...

YUMMMMMMMMMMMM! Doesn't that look just soooo delicious! We love the rice getting charred at the bottom...sort of like the soccorat in paella!

Squid Tempura
A generous serving of squid tempura...with big pieces may I add.

Delicious, delcious! Always satisfying eating here =)

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