Thursday, March 12, 2009

SEx is Good! =)

We never knew untill we tried....

...Sinangag EXpress! =D hahaha I have heard it from my sis studying at of their fave lunch places...and passing by at there branch in BF...branches actually..they have two branches in President's avenue and another along Aguirre st. It must be good then..since both branches are never or rarely barren at any time of the day.

The place is very can and should come in your comfy shorts/jeans and shirt and flipflops because it's all al fresco dining here...and you sit on monoblocks =)

The menu is very straight forward. All your favorite pairings with sinangag and itlog....all at Php 49.00!!! can even have two meals and it's still cheap! hahaha

Toka (sans the "baboy")

Well fried tokwa cubes with soy-vinegar sauce.


Flaked out pices of tapa...comparable to Rodic's tapa but this one is rather wet. Served with garlic topped sinangag and ofcourse a side of fried egg.

A longganisa shaped embutido, fried, served with sinangag and itlog. Yummy! I like that the embutido is well fried =D
The serving size is just enough for a hungry me...a bit bitin for a hungry guy. We thought perhaps next time we ought to have 3 meals and a side of that tokwa!

For dessert...Chilled Taho
A cup of cold taho with brown sugar sago though. A nice and light dessert!

When you are hungry and on the go, it's great to have meals like this. The menu is no brainer, one glace and you'll know what you want...meals are served in a flash and satisfaction guaranteed! Isn't good to know you can have SEx 24/7 for only Php 49.00? hahaha ;P


♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

we love SEx too!! pero ba't parang konti na yung tapa nila? tagal na namin di nakapunta dito :P

Jen Tan said...

hey pinkcookies! talaga mas madame noon? this is our first time =D hehehe mejo bitin nga sa tapa kaya we got pa the tokwa....balik ka and check it out again! I think nga Php 39.00 lang daw noon..

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

yeah Php 39 lang dati pero order.. and mas marami kahit papano yung serving (compared sa nasa pic mo now) hehe... my friends and I would always go here before, esp. after gimmicks, hehe kasi yan nalang yung open & we didn't want to eat sa fastfood naman. hehe!

Jen Tan said...

ah talaga? na short change pa pala kame sa lagay na yan? hahha ;P ok lang..still mura at 49 and enough naman ang serving.

have you tried Rufo's? parang SEx din but I don't remember the price range...

thanks for sharing!