Tuesday, March 03, 2009


They still GOT IT! Up to this day, Conti's still packs in the peeps....in Greenhills, Trinoma and at it's home base BF Paranaque. I guess its homey goody food charms everyone still, be it for dining or taking stuff home. In Paranaque, they even have a separate lot to serve as parking space, apart from the ones available at the store front. With all the restos lined up in Paranaque, you would think that this oldie will lose luster...but it is otherwise.

I have been hooked here before, but foodtripping frenzy kept me from dining here for quite a while. We go back to dine and reminisce what was the food bliss that we miss =D hahaha

Salmon Croquetas
Mini bites of mashed potatoes with some salmon mixed in..breaded and deep fried, served with a honey mustard dip. A yummy munchie to whet the palate.

Chicken ala KievChicken breast fillet with spinach and cheese...battered and fried with a nice creamy sauce. Very nice =)
Chicken Roulade
served with mushroom saffron risotto...very tasty

Very good too...only we wished there were more tripe pieces. How come the callos we encounter seem to be on the scrimpy side when it comes to the tripe...is tripe expensive? hmmm...

Cheesesteak Sandwich

Lengua Estofado
Very generous serving of lengua =)

Pastel de Lengua
The pastel had a pastry that was just placed on top as opposed to the pastry being baked with the lengua all together. This was a scrimpier lengua sevring compared to the estofado version...but still very good and enjoyable.


Turtle Pie
Nice chocolate ganache with a caramel layer on a chocolate cookie crust topped with walnuts and whipped cream. I scrape off the cream...and this was really deilightful.

What keeps the people here are the consistently pleasing food they dish out, reasonable priced and with the right serving portion. The cakes are relatively cheap and they are of good quality. The kind you will be happy with and not be embarrased to give or bring to a party.


♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

i like the turtle pie too!! and i do the same, i scrape off the whipped cream :P

Jen Tan said...

hello pinkcookies! hahaha yay! Am not alone in hating whipped cream ;P hahaha

princess_dyanie said...

What i love about Conti's is their Mango Bravo! Yummmy :)

Jen Tan said...

hey princess! oo nga daw masarap mango bravo...pero I don't eat that =)