Thursday, March 05, 2009

Causeway, Timog

We crave for rice and dimsum...we thought of going to Causeway. They have have branches in Banawe, Congressional Avenue, Libis (not sure if this is still open) and here in Timog.

Siolong Pao
I don't think I have had real and good siolong pao, come to think of it. This is just my second time to have first at Emperor's Dimsum in Greenhills, which wasn't so bad. The siolong pao here at Causeway lacked the soupy-ness a good siolong pao should have. In fact this was kinda they just tasted like ordinary dimsum.

Shark's Fin Siomai
This was ok but like the siolong pao...the skin was kinda it has been in the steamer for quite a bit =(

Kuchay Dumplings
This was good...loaded with Kuchay..chinese leafy veggies. A very good source of fibre =)

This is what we came for...Fookien Fried Rice
A big dish of fried rice with yummy brown sauce and bits of chicken, mushrooms, shrimps and veggies!

like yangchow fried rice with sauce!
Super saucy fried rice! For two people, this is quite a lot! Watch out for the msg after-effect of eating too much of it'll need to have some coffee to kill that feeling =P


Soli Deo Gloria said...

Causeway Banawe is one of our favorite place, simply because they offer dimsum discounts after 9 pm! :) --- Ning, atsi of Sally :)

princess_dyanie said...

me and my BFF love causeway's hakao! yummmmy! :)

Jen Tan said...

Hey atsi Ning! How are you? =) Yeah my sis told me that dimsum is on sale after 9pm at Causeway malapit sakin yun...and they say it's the dimsum is better there because it's fresher kase mas malakas siguro dun than here.

Thanks for dropping by =)

Jen Tan said...

hello princess!I love hakao too!!! =)

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

love their hakaw :)

Jen Tan said...

hello pinkcookies! we love hakaw!!! lalo with HOISIN SAUCE!!!! ;P aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh parang carve ako ngayon =)