Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lime 88

We got lost in our first few attempts to have some street food with a twist! I always forget where Lime 88 is exactly located, because it is in a residential area in Mandaluyong. San Rafael street!!! Yes, I always bug the sis of my friend for it's address...and still, we get lost. Finally, I took note of the landmarks to this place and we finally got the chance to try gourmet street style =)

The place is exactly as how other blogger's depicted it to be. The garage of an old house converted into a casual resto-bar. We scan through the menu and find street and non-street treat kinda dishes here too. Our first few picks were sadly unavailable..kinda frustrating to study the menu...finally decide on something... only to find out it's not available, so you are back at square one. The waiters were very attentive and friendly so we didn't mind this as much. We have already eaten prior to arriving here (playing safe, just incase I get us lost again ;P hehehe) so we just managed to try 2 dishes.

Our first pick, was nothing of street decent. Chicken Stuffed with Kesong Puti and Spinach
The dish was nicely plated. As you can see, this may well have been served in a more fine looking place, where you could be charged for more. The chicken was nicely done...but we wished it had more of kesong puti and spinach stuffing...which was a nice twist. The mashed potatoes underneath was nice and fluffy but the gravy was a tad bit too salty.

Earlier this evening I was really craving for BALUT. Perhaps it's because of watching Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Chinn and Zane Lamprey (my fave!!!) eat this feared Pinoy delicacy. Oh yes I like balut...but, but....I don't eat the "sisiw" just freaks me out! Other than the chick part I love everything about balut...the "sabaw" part and the yummy yolk park...where cholesterol reigns!!! hahaha
We chose the Balut in Red Wine Sauce
He asked the waited if we could have the chick part removed before the dish was served. The waiter told us that this was not I just told him we just take that part out when the dish is served.
When the sizzling plate was laid on our table, we understood why our request was not possible...
...the balut were nicely breaded and fried before laid sizzling with the delicious red wine sauce. I really liked this dish. The balut was not scarry as it was very, very young that the embryo didn't look like a real chick yet...whew! Lucky us. We both don't eat that part =D hahaha

The dishes they served us here was pleasant...but I think we would have enjoyed it more in a nicer and cozier set up. I am not saying a fancy-schmanzy ambiance...but what best came into our minds, that we thought suits the food here something of the likes of PINO. This place just need a bit more effort in making it nicer...just change the decor perhaps...nicer tables and chairs (replace monoblocks with real chairs perhaps)...that's it. The home-garage is not a problem at all, because secluded places have a certain charm. That's it...the place needs to be a little bit more charming. The food is good and priced cheap for its presentation and quality. Add more shabby-chic and and the whole, hole-in-the-wall street style guormet would become a great experience =)

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