Sunday, March 01, 2009

Comfort In Mexican Food =)

I guess there is comfort in rice, bread,cheeses and creamy food. Not feeling adventurous and craving for food that soothes....we thought of Mexicalli again.

We had this Burrito-Enchillada Platter along with an extra siding of Nachos! =)

Riced packed chicken burrito with tomatoes, onions, cheese and refried beans..we love refried beans!

Beef Enchillada topped with sour cream served with yellow rice (is that curry that makes it yellow? or turmeric?..)

We used the extra nacho chips to scoop up beef and chicken debris from the burrito and enchillada!

Everything was full of frills and will all happily thump down your stomachs! hahaha =P


Far East Trades said...

Have you tried Sencillos at Trinoma food court? I urge and challenge you to get a Chimichanga (beef or chicken)!

Jen Tan said...

helo Far East Trades! Sencillos? is this beside Pao Tsin at the foodcourt? If that is it..I have tried the taco and didn't quite like it =( parang ma oily yun beef and super konti veggies and cheese...

...if not will look this place up and try your reco =)

Thanks for dropping by!

Far East Trades said...

Hiya Jen, yep, located close to Paotsin and --- YES --- you are right. The tacos and the nachos/nachoritos at Sencillos are NOT that very good! Quesadilla better, but a little off. But, if you can and will, please try the Chimichangas. They're pretty good.

Jen Tan said...

hey FET...(can I call you FET? hahaha) ok will try their quesodillas and chimicangas when I find myself at the Foodcourt of Trinoma again =)Thanks for the heads up!