Monday, March 09, 2009

My Chicken on Monggolian Rice =)

It's time to COOOOOOOOOK! Yay! I miss cooking. When I get the chance I try to whip up something that I make up from my mind =) I have this urge to make a ricey dish...I thought of making a Chicken Monggolian.

When we are in the mood for rice...we like the flavored one's...the sauced dolsot bibimbop, paella, dirty rice, fookien I make this:

First I marinated cubed chicken breast pieces (which I seasoned first with salt and pepper) in some soy sauce, vinegar, brandy, sesame oil, brown sugar and a little grated ginger. I let it sit in the ref for a few hours.

I removed the chicken from the marinade and pan fried them in a hot skillet with some vegetable oil and butter and set them aside.

To make the rice...I simmered the marinade and reduced it a bit and then placed it in a bowl. Then in the same skillet where I pan fried the chicken, I added more butter and browned some minced garlic, sauteed slivers of carrots, bell peppers and shredded cabbage. I added cooked rice, the reduced marinade, added a few more tablespoons of soy sauce untill I reached a yummy even brown colored rice. I mixed in 2 fresh eggs...adding them one at a time. Then seasoned it with some five spice, salt and pepper until I am happy with the taste =)

I placed them in a bowl and topped with the pan fried chicken =)
I dished up one big family style bowl....
I wish I had some spring onions...I think that would be a good finishing touch and would add up a bit more color and flavor too..but I coulnd't find any in the ref ;P

...and one to go =)
A great office baon surprise! I packed this with a pair of chopsticks and a bottle of juice for him =) Just pop in the microwave for a nice warm complete meal!

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