Monday, March 02, 2009

Because We Were "Bitin"

Looking for a place to eat at SM Mall of Asia...I suggest we try Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria. The branch here is quite small, situated beside Kopi Roti, with simple fastfood type tables and chairs.

We read that they have an on going promo....50% off on all pizzas from 2pm-5pm...."wow and mura nun for late lunch or meryenda, we can go back at that time range next time" we exclaimed..after seeing the price range of the pizzas here which about 150-200+ for the small sized pizzas.

We chose to have the Puttanesca Pasta
Priced at about Php 135.00 or so. The serving size is good enough for one person but not for a hungry person! hahaha It had black olives, capers and tomatoes...served with a buttered baguette slice. This was ok.

Pizza Margherita
Just a tad bit bigger than a pita round, though the crust was doughy and raw tasting, the sauce lacked flavor.

Our meal was relatively cheap but I don't think we will find ourselves back at Joey's even for the 50% off promo. Perhaps the food struck us bland? What is the pizza? Perhaps the pizza. We didn't want to order more because we fear of getting full for food we don't really we moved along....

...and went to....RAZON'S =D hahahaha crazy food tripping day huh? Yeah why not Filipino palabok....

Pancit Palabok
We ordered the light was satiating primarily because the sauce was very flavorful. Very good palabok. I think when we eat it's not really the volume for our stomach satiety, we are more after satiating the palate!

We also shared a lumpiang prito
Hot lumpiang togue with egg! that was a nice add on...made me think of Ilicos empanada sans the longganisa =)

We finally got full after our trip to Razon's. What a weird meal...pasta and palabok? Pizza and lumpia! ;P hahaha


Far East Trades said...

Thanks for the tip! Never saw Joey's when I was in Mall of Asia. That Margherita pizza looked nice. Somewhat similar in appearance to the delicous margherita of Tokyo Cafe at 'The Block' (SM North EDSA Annex).

Jen Tan said...

Hey FET! It's located at the ground floor...beside Kopi Roti. The Margherita pizza...didn;t quite taste as good as it looks...may recommend ako mas OK tlga...will post it soon =)