Friday, October 31, 2008

Icings, Tomas Morato

This evening was a get together to two great friends of who came back from a vacation and one going away to venture on a more exciting leg of her career =) I suggested we go to ICINGS. It is now situated at it's new location, adjacent to Katre. The place is now bigger and better than it's former site....but honestly, I have not eaten nor tried any cakes from Icing's up until this night.

The place has a casual cafe feel to...simple and comfy...with a very inviting cake dispaly counter...

..soo many interesting cakes and pastries....I was eyeinng the apple walnut cake! =)

We got there quite we ordered an appetizer while we waited for the rest to come in for dinner.

Kani and Tofu Tempura
This was a very good choice! Crispy pieces of battered silken tofu and kani sticks coated with japanese bread crumbs and served with a nice tempura soy-ginger sauce =)

On to dinner...

Chili Prawn Tomato Pasta

Spaghetti pasta with a light tomato-chili oil sauce with pieces of prawns, served with panini bread. It was good but quite HOT!!!

Pesto Pasta

Classic pesto sauce with bits of seafood pieces =) The serving of the pasta dishes are quite generous here, so people with smaller appetites may share a dish! I am not one of those as I managed to finish my plate hahaha ;P

Vegetable Panini
Grilled zucchini, peppers and mushrooms with mozarella cheese served with fries =)

Ostrich Steak
Yes! They have ostrich meat was quite good and priced reasonably...if not cheap ah for ostrich...around Php 250.00 or so
No room for cake...just some coool icy treats....

Chocolate Shake with Chocolate Ice Cream...
I forgot the name but is was alright..though needed to be sweetened up a bit and pumped up with chocolate =)

Lychee Shake

I really wasn't expecting much from Icing's...I was actually quite apprehensive to try the place, but I am very glad we did go here....there are many interesting food on the menu to come back for and cakes to try =)


Manggy said...

Icings is great-- they have good variety of dishes and the service is quite friendly. Unfortunately they got rid of the original recipe spaghetti I used to eat all the time!

Water Boy said...

i really like reading your blog, very informative :)

have you tried focacia (not so sure about the spelling) at A Venue makati ave. they have this thing they call rolling pizza, masarap sya.

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! really? dati na pala masarap food first time kase...sayang wala na yun spag na fave mo!

Jen Tan said...

thanks water boy =)

no I haven't tried foccacia yet...I have read a lot about that pizza's on my list...I hope to get to try it SOOOOOOON!!!! =)