Saturday, November 01, 2008

Flap Jack's, Greenhills Theatremall

Ohhh..I love breakfast food =) I think a lot of people do so too...and why not? Breakfast being the most important meal of the may indulge guilty free...on carbs, fat and fatty protein source ;P Well, we can always bank on having the entire day to burn them off..hahaha Sooo good are breakfast food that it has become en vogue to find breakfast meals available all day long. I blabber as I relish on the delicious thoughts of breakfast food....ahhhh.

Apparently, when I have heard and seen Flapjacks, opening a branch in Greenhills, Theatremall....I definitely had it on target.

I have read and heard alot about it...more disappointing comments than happy notes...I still wanted to give it a go =)

Prior to this visit...I was able to have a taste of their Adobo Pan de Sal...brought by my sweetie..for us to snack on upon picking me up...sort of like a pre-dining snack! hahaha the pan de sal was not pan de sal...tasted more like a a burger bun shaped like a Pan de Manila pan de had tomatoes and shreds of chicken was ok...nothing great but we finished 2 of them before settling in a resto! hahaha

Now back to we go....first up for me....ENDLESS COFFEE IN A POT!!!

not bad at all for Php 70 bucks! I actually like the clean and strong taste of their brew...I feel sorry for them because I managed to down quite a number of pots =)....seriously! hahaha

What good is dining at Flapjack's if not to have FLAPJACKS
This is..... Pancakes ...ofcourse! ;P Two big rounds of fluffy pancakes with a mound of whipped burre. They were nice.

Arroz ala Cubana
Ground beef with diced potatoes, bell peppers and peas served with sliced fried saba and garlic rice. This was good. Their garlic rice needed more garlicky flavor.

With those two..oh three items that I have tried, Flapjack's is ok..though kinda pricey for the type of food...(the Rice dish was about Php 195.00 pancakes Php 125.00 and you pay aditional Php 50.00 for siding to go with your flapjack's) . The food is not bad but nothing to rave about...perhaps we have yet to try other items on the menu =)


Manggy said...

I've eaten there once-- I had a Filipino style breakfast (unless I'm remembering wrong, Chicken Tocino). I thought it was expensive and not cooked right. I would've gotten it better at Jollibee! The place just reeks of hype. They didn't even have fresh juices.

Jen Tan said...

Yeah you're right...Jollibee or McDo mas ok pa and sulit for breakfast!!! hahaah I love McDo pancakes =)

mikky said...

saw it when i passed by the other day... thanks to you and manggy for the tip... :)

Jen Tan said...

hey mikky! you're welcome =) can you believe I went back here again? hahaha I'll post new items that I have tried...grabe noh d ako nadadala??? hahahaha

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Sally was telling me about the bottomless coffee. But I think the price was relatively expensive - for breakfast! Still, She must have enjoyed it and fount it worth mentioning. :)

Jen Tan said...

hello atsi! ok naman ang Flap Jack's pero d talaga mashado ok and kinda not worth kape lang I guess =)thanks for dropping by!