Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cordillera Cafe In UP =)

A laid back Saturday afternoon...wanting to relax a bit and veer away from the mall scene...we decided to have a little stroll around UP and have afternoon coffee =) UP does cradle a lot of wonderful quaint restos, and cafes you know. Let this part of my discovering UP series....anothefr nice discovery along the UP Academic Oval, Amorsolo building, beside the faculty center, is Cordillera Coffee.

Sooo nice! It's situated at the side of the kinda walk up the steps and hereyou find...

a corner cafe....all afresco...

with nice table with umbrellas...where you can relax and enjoy some brew =)

They offer a nice selection of hot and cold coffee concoctions, apart from the traditional espresso drinks. They also have fresh fruit shakes and hot chocolate =)

I think I saw rice meals, pasta dishes and sandwiches too. They have a nice display of pastries to chose from...

Macaroons and Cassave Cups

Rum cake, Tablea Chocolate cake...and an interesting nutella chocolate cake!

Lemon bars, Revel bars, Brownies

We had the Cordillera Brew and Kalinga Iced Tea

I love the strong and clean taste of the brew and the iced tea was refreshing.


sweet and densely packed with dessicated coconut....nice with the strong coffee

Cassava cup
Kinda dense and on the dry side. The macaroon was better.

Well despite the not so good pastries we chose...the drinks were good and the ambiance very relaxing and conducive to conversation =)

A very nice place for a little tete-a-tete time.


Manggy said...

Gosh, sobrang dami nang developments sa UP since I left... I didn't even know there was an Amorsolo building! I love that the food is for a cause :)

Jen Tan said...

hahaha oo nga and dame talaga...pero that building is matagal na...baka I got the name wrong? it's the building before the faculty center...where they put up exhibits....please correct me if I am wrong by naming it Amorsolo building! hahaha I'll check it out again to make sure.

yah you're right...I think Cordillera coffee is part of that association that support the Philippine coffee yun Kape isla right?

Thysz said...

Hi~! Nice reading your experiences in the Diliman Republic. Yep it's not the Amorsolo building but the Vargas Museum. You might have confused it with the Amorsolo exhibit they were holding that time. Cheers~!

Jen Tan said...

Hello Thysz! Thanks for the info! Vargas museum nga =) Old and moldy grad of UP...kakahiya am not so familiar with the building names na =P hahahaha

Thanks for dropping by =)