Friday, October 03, 2008

Peri-Peri Grill House

Peri-peri chicken in Greenhills Promenade has opened it's newly rennovated resto a few weeks ago. We tried the place because I was craving for the taco platter...I used to enjoy there a lot. Peri-peri Grill House has a more refined facing and interiors...kinda like when Pizza Hut made Pizza Hut Bistros! hehehe Nicer chairs and tables... and the menu seem to have been changed too....for the worse! If I remember correctly, this place was priced affordably...but now...they have items on the menu at 1K!!!! What the??? Am I wrong? or Am I worng?

We ordered the Taco Platter...what I ws raving to him about...which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.....
The serving seems smaller!!!! They arranged the fried shells in what is supposed to be a better presentation...but in the process giving us lesser shells ....sad... and the taco filling is a lot less too...less meat...less veggies..less cheese! =(

Half Roasted Chicken
If I remember correctly, chicken somes with a side or 2 side dishes this came with 2 side dishes or a side dish and rice was a we had to order extra...

Creamed Spinach
Sad, sad..I don't recall if we ordered this separately or was part of the free side...but it was not so nice. Just wilted spinach doused with cream. Not warm...not tasty..just tasted like ...wilted spinach doused with cream from the box!

I think I had more fun eating here prior to the resto-face lift. I remember loving the mozza sticks and taco platter...sigh**


oliboy said...

yeah we were together when I last ate there! nagiba ba krass?!?

Jen Tan said...

yes krass.ako mejo madalas there before they rennovated kase natuwa ako sa mozzarella sticks and taco platter...parang nag iba...naging smaller ang serving eh..or lumakas ako kumain? ;P hahahaha