Friday, October 17, 2008

Friuli Trattoria

Maginhawa Street in UP Village is really thriving with a lot of new foodie places which are worth discovering. Friuli Trattoria is one not so new quaint resto that serves up Italian goodies for foodies to enjoy =)

The place is quite small, but does not lack in patrons. A good sign. The menu consists of Pizzaz, Pastas, Apps and Dolci that all seems so yummy and cheaply priced to boot.

Fried Ravioli

Six large pieces of crisply fried raviolis which looked like samosas, as a patron at the neighboring table commented, filled with ground beef and cheese, topped with parmesan and served with a marinara dip. It was very good and fun to eat...just not true blue raiolis but they were pretty good =) The tomato dip was very good too!

Tuna-Anchovy Pizza

I forgot the actual name of this pizza, but it had tuna, anchovies, capers, onions, mushrooms and cheese. Pizza was ok, but kinda lacked the Italian feel to it. Perhaps it was because the cheese was not mozzarella...and the crust kinda biscuit-y. Nevertheless, for the price (pizza prices range from 145-220 for about a 9" round) and being served hot from the oven, it was not bad =)

What I'd like to come back for are the Mozarella sticks which were huge and looked pretty darn good and pastas perhaps are better than the pizzas. Oh they do have a pitcher of iced tea for only Php 60.00!

Simple food to enjoy in a very casual setting. Fruili is a nice neighborhood resto =)


Manggy said...

I have to say, those quaint little places are my favorite kinds of restaurants. Provided they cook great food, though. Which Friuli looks like it does! (I can't believe we never ate there when we were in UP... O baka wala pa noon)

mikky said...

looks like another good find you have there... :)

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! yah these places are really great...good food that are really affordable. Pwedeng wala pa nga noon yan hahaha it's across the street of this burrito, bbq and bibinka nook...alam mo yun? that one college days pa meron na.

try fruili...and let me know what you think =)

Jen Tan said...

hey mikky! yah cool find nga =) I sooo enjoy hunting and trying out places like this! hahaha try mo din

canDIshhh said...

Let's go Jen! Tara!!

Jen Tan said...

hey didi!!! oo nga let's have dinner soon!!! =) it's been sooo long

juan valdez said...

you have an excellent taste Jen, a real foodie I should say. For coffee and cakes and Filipino fusion, which place would be your highest recomendation? (I sent you an email as well)Cheers!

Jen Tan said...

thanks juan valdez =)for coffee and cakes...I would say classic confections! I love nono's chocolate's my fave cake---pero I am not really so much of a cake lover...I am pretty biased as I am not fond of icing and white stuff on cakes and pastries =) for just coffee...I like kopi roti coffee when I am making tipid...and KRISPY KREME americano is really good and cheap (though I am not a donut fan)

for Filipino fusion...Pino is good =)I'll think of something pa...and post again.

Thanks for droppingby!