Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How about a munchie break?

Let's have a break from meals and have a nice crunchy, munchy snack! Ohhhh-lala...check this out! Cheesy Potato Chips from Cafea!

and by cheesy...they meant LOADED WITH grated cheese! The chips were oh so good! Like the potato chips with aioli of cibo...but these had BIGGER CHIPS!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah...we both smiled as this plate was laid on our table...we go...no way are we gona finish this....hahaha...yes way! Underneath the hairy pile of cheese is a sweetish aioli drizzling and it came which a much more yummy mayoey-picklish dip! Great with Iced tea and or COKE! =)

A nice mid-day break that soothes the stress away!!!! A happy snack indeed!


Manggy said...

Mm hmm... Aioli daw... Baka mayo ;) Grabe ang snack!

Jen Tan said...

hahaha..baka nga MAYO lang na lang na may kontig sugar! hahah anyway...masarap naman..so ok lang whatever it was =)