Thursday, October 09, 2008

Izakaya Yutaka

I have read quite a number of posts about this quaint Japanese place along Aurora Blvd., Sta. Mesa...just across UERM. Who would have guessed this area would cradle a nice JAPANESE place?

The resto is small...but packed with patrons, mostly white clad students from the nearby university. Simple interiors that manages to have that authentic Japanese vibe. The menu constsist of traditional Japanese faves..sushis, sashimis, makis....yakitoris...ramens...Japanese curries...jap fried foodies (e.i. tempuras etc..) and don buris =)

House Rice Green Tea

very nice! I really like the flavor for rice green tea. I never thought that the toasty rice flavor actually comes from toasted rice steeped with the tea leaves =)

the Don Buris come with complimentary miso soup
yummy with tofu cubes =)

Oyako Don


Yummy don boris...and very cheap to boot! The Oyakodon is just about Php 95.00 and the Katsudon about Php 105.00 ....uber cheap! like just eating at McDo..and the food is good and ample in serving portion! We have yet to come back to try the other food here.
A very nice Japanese Izakaya!


Manggy said...

They have nice student prices, I see-- maybe that's the key to finding cheap eats-- eat around the schools! :)

Jen Tan said...

yeah Manggy..oo nga..where students flock...malamang cheap food and good naman. what a nice trip--the campus tours! hahhaa =)