Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tree House

We are always on the look out for new places to eat...maybe potential simple weeknight hang outs =)

On the way home...and always we decided to pass by UP to have dinner. I had Chocolate Kiss in mind...but passing by the street where ISSI (Institure for Small Scale Industries) is...this came to view.....

ohhh.... how interesting...I have never noticed it before! I got excited by the discovery and led us to go here instead of Choco Kiss (there are many more chances to dine!!!)

The place is called TREE HOUSE =) A two storey place...and we liked the second floor area...make you feel like you are indeed in a big TREE! hahahaha We could only wish there were more patrons so to lose the feel of being a bit devoid from the world! hahahaha Perhaps it was a weeknight? But then what the he--y...We still happily enjoyed the cool and refreshing ambiance and checked out what was on the HOUSE =P hehehe
They offered Filipino food....we ordered the...

You can opt to have it with egg...but we just had it plain. Very good sisig! It was ma-liver...and we like happy with it to go with hot steamed rice!

Now this dish is worth noting and coming back for...


Its flesh from a STING RAY....removed from its bones, hence the kinudkod name (I guess) cooked with coconut cream and chilis! YUMMMMMMMMM! I have never had sting ray fish before! It's flesh is soft and flaky and very flavorful..reminded me of crab meat! If sting ray is cheaper than crab, which I am sure it is...then one can use this perhaps on faux crab cakes, faux crab omelets...perhaps faux crabsticks! hahahah It was cooked redolent of a Laing dish...creamy, rich tasting with a kick of heat from the chilis. Yummy with our Sisig and RICE!!! Coconut cream on rice...sooo nice! =)

A very pleasant discovery =)


mikky said...

looks like a good find :)

Jen Tan said...

yeah it is mikky =)