Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dining at Angel's =)

I'm back at Angel's Kitchen again...this time to have what my friend and I wanted to try when we last visited here. We are back for a full meal and with empty stomachs =)

Complimentary Liver Pate and Bread

yummy pate...good and free =) we asked for more bread!!! hahaha

Pate Trio
The first one is like a tuna-caper spread, next up is a pistachio based pate and more liver =)

Soft Shell Crab Salad with Mango-Sesame Dressing

The soft shell crabs were great!!! Crunchy and very was excellent with the refreshing sweet mango dressing. We likey very mucho!

Now this is what we came here for...Pakbet Paella

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oh soooo good!!! Rice cooked with the pakbet veggies topped with a BAGNET and served with CHOCOLATE BANGOONG! YES---CHOCOLATE bagoong! You'd think it's strange to have chocolate with shrimp paste..but it was great! The chocolate was not the sweetened kind, so it gave a very nice complexity to the conventional taste of bagoong. The rice was loaded with veggies...okra, eggplants, sqaush, sting beans and tomatoes. You get a good helping of veggies with every-rice spoonful =) How good is that? Very!!! A new found fave! Oh so flavorful and good enough to share....though we did see a customer at the neighboring having this all for himself! hahaha

Angel's Kitchen really serves good comfort food with funky twists to delight your palate.


Manggy said...

Hey Jen! I ate there for the first time a few weeks back. While the food (er, not the dessert) was quite good, the prices were not very encouraging-- almost nothing under P300 (my order also took a long time-- something fishy going on there). Plus, they were not able to provide us with an official receipt OR computer print-out... They gave us a "cash invoice" and said the number printed there was the TIN! That is so shady!

Jen Tan said...

Hey Manggy! Oh sorry to hear you didn't have good first encounter with Angel's Kitchen...What did you have? And that incident with the OR bit...hmmm...naku...

Give it another chance if you may...ako kase I enjoyed each visit there..=)

Manggy said...

I had the grilled tocino with tinapa rice; my mom's guess is that someone else ordered it and they regrettably decided to cook our orders in one go even if that means delaying mine by 30 minutes. Stupid.

Jen Tan said...

oh my...sorry to hear about that bad experience...baka one bad Angel day...d ko pa kase na experience ma disappoint here so far ...