Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jerry's Morato

When really hungry, it super sulit to eat at Jerry's Grill. Good ol' pinoy food faves that is quite reliable in taste and satiety value=)

Crispy Tadyang

When the thought of having crispy pata is in mind...but you are just two people and an entire oata is waaaaaaaay too much to have (although IT HAS HAPPEND that we had an entire cripy pata to ourselves ;P hehehe), the next best choice is crispy tadyang! My friend does like this a lot...though I am not much of a beef lover....deep fried and crisp beef tadyang is a good idea to me. These were not dry despite being fried to a crisp and topped with lots of crispy fried garlic bits=)
Grilled Dory Fish
Along the list of "new" on the menu...grilled fish fillets, served with tangy-sweet Kangkong atchara. A light dish to go with the bad arse fried tadyang.

Vegetable Fried Rice
We just love funked up rice! This was our first time to have we may have veggies with our meal too =) It was cooked with loads of butter...there goes being light and healthy here! hahaha

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