Saturday, September 06, 2008


Finally, a full dining experience at Zucchini's=) My last visit there was just for dessert and coffee...this time let's have the whole shabang!

But first..check out the wonderful wine display! Tempting! Tempting...but let us stay sober onthis visit =)

Burre on a heart shaped cute is that!

Complimentary Garlic Roll and Whole Wheat Bread

Tomato-Mozarella-Basil with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil
A towering plate of big crisp slices of Tomatoes...soft fresh buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil leaves....drizzled with thick, sweet-tangy Balsamic Vinagaer and laced with EVOO. A delicious way to start a meal. A light salad that will perk up the palate =) I likey, likey!

Chicken Pesto-Pomodoro Angel Hair Pasta
A healthy pasta dish! Chunks of chicken breast on the delicate pesto-pomodoro pasta. Simple and good.

Pan grilled Chicken Breast with Pomodoro Sauce with Mushroom Rissotto
The chicken breast was cooked to a tender and lightly flavored, complimented by the pomodoro sauce. It went very well with the flavorful, rich and creamy taste of the risotto underneath =)

For some dolci...Tiramisu

Their rendition of this classic Itallian dessert, doesn't quite appeal to me, sad to say. They incorporated orange is supposed to work well with chocolate...but I guess I am all for tradition...give me good ol' classic tiramisu please =)

It was a very pleasureable dining experience. I love the ambiance, the lovely food plating, excellent service and good food =)


Manggy said...

Yihee! Date ba ito? Hee hee hee.

The way they put a dollop of butter in the middle of a heart is so ironic. Funny, even.

I think the plating of the tomato salad is tacky-horrendous, sorry to say. It sounds delicious, but I think the chef who put it together was high.

Anyway, the risotto and pasta do look good!

Jen Tan said...

hey manggy! yeah...I agree that the salad was awkward looking =) nevertheless good naman