Friday, September 26, 2008

Ersao West Avenue

There is big arse branch of one of our long standing bubble drink fave...Ersao at West Avenue. It has been quite a while since the craze of Zagu, Quickly and Easyway plagued us along with rose various alternative brands of drink stand with pearls and nata.

Ersao in West avenue, facing Philam homes, is one nice casual place not only to enjoy cool perl drinks but to have yummy snacks and meals I have learned and come to enjoy =)

Comparing the pearl tea here with bubble tea, which I have recently tried...I like the drinks here better because they have just the right sweetness.

Besides the drinks...we love the Spicy Squid and Spicy Chicken!

Bits of squid and/or chicken deep fried with a spicy-nutmegy-cinnamony coating!

Unique in falvor and just delicious to wash down with some milk teas =)

Spicy Squid Rice

You can opt to have the spicy squid or spicy chicken with rice a full meal =)


Ohhh yeah...upon seeing the poster for this rice dish..we vowed to return for this...and we did! Delicious sticky rice with pork, mushrooms and pork floss on top. Like a chinese Machang...sans the leaf wrapping..sans chestnuts. It is quite heavy as it is made with sticky rice but great with the spicy chicken and squid...and these...

Fried Dumplings

Crisp and golden dumplings filled with minced pork and veggies. Generous in serving too! Good on its own as a snack...yummy with yofan or even plain rice =)

Adobong Tofu

Slices of fried tofu laced with a thick sweet sauce. Simple and delicious.

Beef with Pepper Sauce

Slices of beef with tasty brown peppery sauce.

Cabbage with Pork

I forgot the name of this veggie side dish. It's shredded cabbage sauteed with some pork bits with some yummy brown sauce. I think they used he same sweetish sauce for the spicy chicken and squid here too.

Chicken Katsu Rice

Yummy flattened out chicken fillet...breaded and fried...which you dip got it...the sweetish all around Ersao brown sauce =) hahaaha Crisp, flavorful and good.

Food here are simple, flavorful, fun to eat and very light on the pocket! A nice place for snacking and casual meals =)

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Far East Trades said...

I was there today, it was really nice. Not that supersweet in taste style, as many of similar restaurants are, but pretty moderate.