Monday, September 22, 2008

The Sicilian, Petron Station Katipunan

Can you believe I have never had pizza at the Sicilian?...I have only tried having their sandwich there...delivered and it was actually quite good. Looking for some afternoon snack...there is a branch of the Sicilian at the Petron station at the edge of Katipunan avenue, bordering UP-Tandang Sora. There are lots of small retos here such as Ineng BBQ, Kamirori ( a fave during college days), Steak MD, Chowking, Starbucks, Gonuts Donuts..etc..fill up your tank while you fill up you stomach! hehehe

Sicilian Salad
a samller verion of the Sicilian salad at Italianni's...nit bad at all...but I think it can use more greens =)

Baked Fish with Roasted Potatoes

Baked Dory fish fillet with pomodoro sauce underneath...not bad too. The roasted taters were actually sweet potatoes...good thing I like sweet potatoes =)

I have yet to try the pizzas here. Nice healthy snacking don;t you think? =)

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